Advertising on DailyWireless has provided daily, in-depth coverage on the wireless industry since 2002, with over 12,000 in-depth articles now on-line. Our main focus is on WiFi, LTE and broadband infrastructure, but handsets and apps, Bluetooth, and broadcast media are also covered. is ranked in the Top 100 GADGET Blogs by Technorati as well as Top 50 SCIENCE Blogs and Top 200 TECHNOLOGY.

We believe the wireless industry can’t be viewed in isolation — it’s an ecosystem. We look at the big picture and drill down, delivering more eyeballs at less cost than any wireless blog. Period.

According to Quantcast, we generate an average of 50,000 pageviews/month. Our readers are a highly prized group of affluent, highly-educated decision makers.

We post stories daily, contextualizing news, providing nuanced, objective coverage in a jargon-free style. Quantcast has additional demographics.

Google’s Ad Planner has more info.

With a drop in display advertising in the last half of 2012, – WE HAVE SLASHED OUR DISPLAY ADS BY 50%! For simplicity’s sake, we calculate all monthly advertising on a flat 50K rate/month.

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Advertising rates generally use a cost-per-thousand (CPM). A $10 CPM gets you 1000 impressions for $10. A $10 CPM $5 CPM buy on Dailywireless will get you a 300×250 banner for $700/month $350/month (with 50,000 impressions). Here’s a handy CPM Calculator.

Banner advertising on DailyWireless costs $2-$10 CPM (with a big 3 month discount). We lowered your cost and created a simpler flat-rate — without click fraud worries. currently offers a variety of choices for advertisers. Note, these rates have been recently refined — and lowered.

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Better yet, buy the company!

I’ve been running this website as a hobby for over 10 years. It has over 12,000 original articles and has developed a good reputation among decision makers.

How much would Dailywireless be worth? To be honest, I don’t really know.

Let’s compare Quantcast stats from Dailywireless with our nearest competitor, FierceWireless. Dailywireless has an Alexa Traffic Rank around 190,000 with 983 sites linking in, while Fiercewireless has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 67,869 with 2,820 sites linking in. So Fiercewireless is about three times bigger.

Here is why Dailywireless may be a good investment at $500,000:

1. Dailywireless readers are wealthy decision makers:
Look at the stats. The largest percentage of readers have post graduate degrees and make over $150K/yr.

2. Leader in fast growth, trillion dollar industry:
The cellular industry is growing at double digit rates, world-wide. Dailywireless is a leading news source in the field, with over 12,000 articles “in the can”. Most of our revenue comes from the archives.

3. Revenue Potential:
FierceWireless, our strongest competitor, with about twice the pageviews, charges $4,000/ month for a 320×200 pixel banner ad. With four ($2000) banners on the right column ($8,000), two large banners ($4,000), and four 125×125 pixel banners ($500/each), that’s $8K + $4K + $2K, or $14K/month.

4. Social Media and Conference revenue potential:
Dailywireless does NOT offer social media, email newsletters, paid analysis, or conferences. Revenue from those complimentary, value added services could generate $2-4K/month in additional revenue.

Add it up. With $14K/mo (advertising) + 2-4K/mo (direct marketing), you’ve got $16-$18K/mo potential or about $200K/year. More than 3 times the annual revenue potential should be anticipated with such a strong demographic in a high-growth, high-revenue field.

iSupply forecasts global capital spending on the 4G/LTE infrastructure to nearly triple next year, from $8.7 billion in 2012 to $24.3 billion in 2013.

Google Analytics prove Dailywireless is a daily destination for ALL major carriers, suppliers, regulators and think tanks.

1. Nokia Espoo 22,366 0.03%
4. comite gestor da internet Sao Paulo 12,105 0.01%
8. pccw limited Hong Kong 10,589 0.01%
10. telus communications Vancouver 9,823 0.01%
37. Motorola General Systems Group 5,441 0.01%
40. sprint Overland Park 5,076 0.01%
57. PCCW Limited Hong Kong 4,546 0.01%
83. korea telecom Seoul 3,542 0.00%
100. federal communications commission Washington 3,213 0.00%

See for yourself. Write or call. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and work with you on a deal that delivers real value. Here’s a Fact Sheet on Dailywireless (doc).

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