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exactEarth Gets Partner for Space-based AIS

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 14th, 2014

exactEarth has agreed to jointly develop with Software Radio Technology an AIS transceiver for global tracking from space. A new technology called ABSEA which, when embedded within standard low powered AIS transceivers, enables AIS transmissions to be received by exactEarth satellites. It enables extended tracking of small vessels. Their first nanosatellite was launched in April, […]

Audi Dumps T-Mobile for AT&T Connected Car

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 11th, 2014

Audi’s in-car LTE from AT&T will cost $99 for 5GB over 6 months. Customers will be able to pick between two plans, according to Audi. The first plan offers 5GB over a period of six months for $99. The second plan provides 30GB over 30-months for $499, which works out to over $16 per gigabyte. […]

Apple Releases IOS 7.1

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 11th, 2014

Apple’s new IOS update, iOS 7.1, adds Apple CarPlay, as well as enabling how long Siri listens and automatically snapping HDR photos on the iPhone 5s. It’s the first major update to IOS 7, which was introduced to iPhones and iPads in June, 2013. CarPlay provides direct access to iPhone/iPad functionality directly via the manufacturers […]

Apple Introduces CarPlay

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 3rd, 2014

Today, Apple announced Apple CarPlay, an iOS in the Car initiative, which rolls out first on cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo at this week’s Geneva Motor Show. It will work with the iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C. CarPlay mirrors your iPhone’s screen, filling a center-console touchscreen with large buttons for key functions like maps, […]

WiFi Routers Get Satellite Links

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 6th, 2014

Two WiFi hotspots from satellite phone providers Iridium and Globalstar were announced last week. They’re more expensive to buy and use and slower than conventional cellular wireless modems, but they can work virtually anywhere, world-wide. Iridium’s mobile hotspot called Go lets users “make calls, get their email, text and use some apps, even when terrestrial […]

Vehicle to Vehicle Communications: Moving Forward?

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 3rd, 2014

Obama administration officials said today that they will propose requiring that automakers equip new cars and light trucks with Vehicle to Vehicle communications. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the technology holds the potential to significantly reduce crashes, injuries and deaths on the nation’s streets and highways. Safety officials said the government will issue a report […]