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DASH7 Alliance Announces M2M Standard

Posted by Sam Churchill on September 25th, 2013

The DASH7 Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium that promotes wireless sensor networking standards, today announced the public release of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol. DASH7, an open source wireless sensor networking standard, competes with Zigbee (900MHz/2.4GHz), Z-Wave (900 MHz), Bluetooth (2.4GHz), WiFi (2.4/5 GHz), and Low Power UWB for machine to machine communications, but features multi-kilometer […]

802.11ah: WiFi Standard for 900MHz

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2013

WiFi is preparing to ride the unlicensed 900 MHz band, reports EE Times. Chips for the upcoming IEEE 802.11ah standard are expected to hit the market starting in 2015. They will have to compete with numerous other protocols for home and building automation in the unlicensed 900 MHz band, including Zigbee and Z-wave. The 802.11 […]

WiDi: Dead Tech?

Posted by Sam Churchill on January 8th, 2012

Intel is flogging their WiDi technology (pronounced like “Wi-Fi”) at CES again this year. This week Intel announce collaborations with settop chip makers Cavium, Mstar, Sigma Designs, Realtek, Wondermedia and others. Intel’s WiDi uses WiFi to transmit HDTV using a special feature of Intel Core CPU-based computers and the company’s WiFi chips. It allows a […]

Quantenna: 802.11ac Chipset

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 15th, 2011

Quantenna, an innovator in 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi, today announced the world’s first 802.11ac solution providing gigabit-speed Wi-Fi using their QAC2300 chipset. Using 4×4 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology, Quantenna says their chip will enable bandwidth-intensive consumer electronics applications such has home video in wireless routers, access points, and high-end consumer electronics devices. The QAC2300 two-chip solution […]

Fast Transistion to 802.11ac Predicts ABI

Posted by Sam Churchill on September 19th, 2011

IEEE 802.11ac will emerge as the dominant Wi-Fi protocol by 2014, according to ABI Research. Only a niche subset of 802.11ac will be single-band 802.11ac, using solely the five GHz band. Most will be 802.11n/802.11ac dual-band chipsets. ABI Research’s latest report, “Wi-Fi Chipset Evolution: From 802.11n to 802.11ac and 802.11ad,” covers the Wi-Fi chipset market’s […]

Quantenna: 4×4 MIMO Comes Home

Posted by Sam Churchill on May 4th, 2011

Quantenna announced this week a family of carrier-grade 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi home-networking chipsets that deliver up to four simultaneous spatial streams. The company’s QHS7xx family of 11n chipsets is said to deliver up to 600 Mbps of bandwidth in a cost-optimized fourth-generation solution. They are targeting carrier services such as IPTV delivery and will be […]