One Laptop: 2.0

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One Laptop Per Child announced the second generation XO laptop today. It may replace XO-1 in 2010. Negroponte said the organization hoped to price the new computer at $75 each, compared with the $188 price for the current generation of laptops.

Nicholas Negroponte says the new system will have two touch-sensitive displays. The XO 2.0 will be much smaller than the original machine (half the size), and have a foldable e-book form factor. “The next generation laptop should be a book,” Negroponte said. He claims it will draw only 1 watt of power.

The system will employ the dual indoor-and-sunlight displays, a right and left page in vertical format, a hinged laptop in horizontal format, and a flat, two-screen continuous surface for use in tablet mode.

In related news, Wayan Volta is stepping down as editor of the independent OLPC News while staying on as publisher. Replacing him will be Bryan Berry of OLE Nepal and Christoph Derndorfer of OLPC Austria.

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Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 at 10:15 am .

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