The Best TV Provider: Top 5 Awesome Viewing Services Made For You

As of October 2019, there are 26 known tv service providers that are available on the market.  Many of these services provide lots of exclusive offers to get you into subscribing to them.

This makes paying monthly to one company quite difficult, with barely having any test viewing at all. Fortunately, we’ve tested all of them ourselves and nit-picked the best ones in the tv market.

So what is the best tv provider?

In this article, discover the tv companies which we have decided to be the best ones to ever exist. If you value television viewing and just want every penny to be worth it, you should definitely refer to our guide.

Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Best TV Service Providers:

  • DISH Network — Best Hardware and Best Choices
  • DIRECTV — Best Variety in Sports and Movies
  • DIRECTV NOW — Best Network Quality While on a Budget
  • Sling TV — Best Budget TV Streaming
  • Xfinity — Best All-Around Cable TV

We based all of our choices on each of the following:

  • Pricing
  • Value for the price
  • Number of channels
  • Variety of plans
  • Bonus hardware
  • Additional perks
  • Customer service

How We Chose The Best TV Service Providers


Some are too cheap, some are too expensive, and some are just right on the money. We didn’t just judge 26 known tv providers based on how affordable or high-end they are–we had to know some factors in between the lines especially when it comes to hidden fees.

Hidden fees are like a burden for so many people that we keep asking why such a thing exists. We picked the most transparent providers and while some of them still have added fees, at least they never hide these prices from their menus.

Value for the Price

There are those tv providers where you’re paying too much for little value, making them a huge waste of money. For us, the best tv providers are those that create tv plans which are a bang for your buck instead of just leeching the customers.

If they value the people as much as their network quality, then that’s good for everyone.

Variety of Plans

You’ll notice that some tv service providers here have more plans than the others. Yes, variety is pretty but if a tv provider has at least 3 plans which are full of the good stuff, it’s wonderful in our book.

Bonus Hardware

Some tv service providers go above and beyond by offering more than just channels.

Whether it’s a complementary HD DVR, optional sweets like a by-proxy antenna for when you want to go camping or a streaming media, as long as the tv service provider spoils you with goods they’re as thoughtful as Santa Claus.

Additional Perks

Similar to bonus hardware, additional perks like an included all-access pass to the NFL for when you subscribe to a specific plan or putting in HBO and STARZ for at least 3 months when you pay for a particular is as sweet as sugar.

Customer Service

We’ll be honest with you–not all of the customer services in each tv provider here are great but they’re much more tolerable than others. While it’s true that the usual service provider always has pathetic customer care, there are those that are slightly better than that.

As long as it’s not sickening, it’s fine.

Not every tv service provider can accomplish all those; each one of them has its own ups and downs but the former outweighs the latter.

For example, DISH Network may have the best plans under reasonable prices but the customer service is terrible while on the contrary, you have DIRECTV having the kindest and generous customer service but its prices can be too much.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you want satellite, live stream, fiber optic or traditional cable.

Let’s get started with the first up on our list:

1. DISH Network - Best Hardware and Best Choices

DISH Network is one of the leading services when it comes to television. Branching out from the traditional satellite TV, DISH Network offers just 4 but highly persuasive tv plans, complemented with a magnificent DVR.

If sports and movies aren’t to die for, then DISH is the more ideal choice for you as it has the best when it comes to general entertainment and just the right amount of movie channels and athletics.

With honest prices and lots of perks especially on your first few months of subscribing, DISH Network has you covered with awesome channels and strong satellite coverage.

If you’re planning on getting DISH Network for TV, we highly recommend the America’s Top 200 plan as this has the right abundance of channels including sports, movies, kiddie shows, action, lifestyle and general entertainment.

Check out our full review of DISH Network to see everything about it from A to Z.

What we like

Reasonable prices with highly valuable perks

At first glance, you’ll notice that the starting price is $59.99 a month. Yes, that does tend to be an overwhelming basic plan but just look at what you’re getting: 190 top-quality channels, many of which you won’t find in any other tv service providers:

  • HD for all available channels
  • 3 months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and its exclusive DISH Movie Pack (You must pay an additional $15/mo if you wish to keep these channels after 3 months)
  • Protection plan included 6 months: home security for your digital property and electronics for half a month with no extra cost
  • Free standard installation courtesy of DISH Network’s professional on-site technicians
  • Referral rewards when a friend orders DISH with your Referral Code, you each get a free Echo Dot, 12 free Pay Per View movies, or $50 in bill credits.

Each plan is catered to your desire

There are only 4 plans but every one of them has equal perks as mentioned above. What you’ll pick depends on what you want:

  • America’s Top 120: The frontline plan of DISH Network. Boasting with 190 high-grade channels available in HD, this basic plan is a thing to behold versus other TV service provider’s starter kits.
  • America’s Top 120+: A slightly beefier version, America’s Top 120+ includes all the good stuff from its basic plan and adds more variations into its channel roster including regional shows and college sports.
  • America’s Top 200: According to DISH Network itself, 61% of their subscribers have chosen this for its well-balanced number of channels, great selection of sports channels and always something to watch for any viewer of any age. This is their best-selling tv plan.
  • America’s Top 250: If you happen to be a movie freak or just want all of DISH Network’s available 290+ channels, then look no further than America’s Top 250.

2-Year contract without the price hike or other miscellaneous fees

Sure, contracts are a bummer but that doesn’t stop DISH Network for being a great provider mostly for its honesty.

Yes, every plan’s price per month for 2 years is guaranteed to be the same all the way until the contract ends. DIRECTV starts at $40/mo on a 2-year contract but what they never told you about that $40 is that they’ll increase the monthly bill after your first year.

And before you can even have access to their service for your household, you will need to pay up for their $19.99 activation fee

As for DISH Network, there are none of those shenanigans. Just pay for the tax-inclusive fee for your chosen plan and other packages if you have any – That’s it.

Great assortment of additional channels and starting channels for the basic plan

Sports and movie channels may not be on a grand scale in DISH Network unlike DIRECTV but if you want to stick with a basic plan that has it all including sports and flicks, DISH does it right.

DISH Network has a plethora of awesome channels to be had. They also have under-the-table offers too only if you consult with them personally.

Its major channels are already included in their plans like all the great sports channels and HD movie channels.

You may only get 3 months worth of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME and the DISH Movie Pack for any plan but if you want to keep those, you can. For an additional $15 a month, you can still keep them.

Cinemax is also available and fortunately, it’s not part of the 3-month subscription. You can get it on the America’s Top 250 plan.

If you happen to be a foreigner that wants a taste of the homeland once again via tv, DISH has you covered too. DISH Network is thoughtful enough to expand its demographic to foreigners who want to watch channels from their origins including Urdu, Punjabi, Italian, Cantonese, and Greek among a list of other languages.

Everything else is HD including Video on Demand, Pay Per View and 4K HD Programming. Any other tv service provider will charge you more for such features but for DISH Network, it’s already included in the given price tags.

And if you’re the sleazy type, DISH Network even includes some top-rated adult-themed channels on a separate payment. And no, they don’t come in cheap too.

Amazing set of equipment.

For a separate payment of $15 a month, the Hopper 3 DVR is nothing but a thing of beauty. With ultra responsive controls and easy recording, this makes it a formidable adversary to DIRECTV’s own Genie HD DVR.

As for storage, Hopper 3 can store an astonishing 500 hours worth of shows in HD. That means you’ll have enough recorded flicks and series for you to watch worth 3 months non-stop.

It is guaranteed to have no recording conflicts at all and you can even choose to make your recorded shows commercial-free.

It can also be used to display shows in 4k too if you want your quality to be UHD this time. Just be mindful of your TV’s 4K potential, however.

It’s also very lavish to look at too as if it’s something classy that NASA built.

As for the Joey Receiver, it works extremely well with the Hopper 3 as a sort of Mini-Me, if you will.

Think of the Joey Receiver as a sort of Hopper by-proxy. Receivers function as remote control within remote controls that you can use to reach out to Hopper anywhere in the house and it’s so good to use especially if you’re subscribed to America’s Top 200.

If you want to camp, go on a road trip or want to watch TV outdoors, you better take with you the DISH Tailgater. It’s a tv antenna that is very compact to bring and easy to set-up.

You can have either of the two: The standard DISH Tailgater ($299, one-time payment) or KING DISH Tailgater ($350, one-time payment). The former is good for one tv and can be supported up to 1080i quality while the KING model is good for two TVs at once which is also 1080i-supported.

Both models can be integrated with the Hopper 3 DVR but not the Joey Receiver.


As the first of its kind, DISH Network is proud to announce that Alexa can work well with what you’re watching. Whether you have the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, or even the Hopper 3, it will sync with your DISH Network with ease.

Instead of just streaming music when nobody’s home or when you and your wife are in the mood and want to dim the lights, now you can order Alexa to change channels based on your preferences.

If you ask Alexa to play something scary, she’ll recommend the best horror show currently airing. And if you’re into sleazy stuff at night, Alexa knows just what you need.

Or when you just finished watching Coco or Hachiko, you can always tell Alexa,

“This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito on MTV.”

What we don’t like

The DVR and Joey Receiver are excluded from the plan fees

As awesome the Hopper 3 and Joey Receivers are, it just really sucks that you have to pay for them on a separate occasion. For the Hopper 3, you’ll need to pay up a separate $15 every month while the Joey requires you to pay $5 or $10 per month depending on your preferred model.

And since the DVR and receiver are the biggest selling points in DISH Network, you might just have to get it separately for those bragging rights and optimized viewing.

Terrible customer service

While DISH Network certainly has a great network quality, its customer service sucks. Period.

Calling the customer care takes a very long time, the representatives can be rude at times and the on-site visits may take a while before the technicians can get there.

Sure, it has some moments where the customer service actually goes along with you but most of the time, it’s your usual barely-par service that we’ve seen countless times from other companies.

2. DIRECTV - Best in Sports and Movies

Spectacular is what we can describe DIRECTV’s service when it comes to the best library of sports channels. With a chance to have an all-access pass in the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and full binge on HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax, DIRECTV surely takes the cake of top amusement.

If you’re looking for the widest variety in sports and movies, you’ve come to the right place. DIRECTV is outstanding when it comes to its packages of the best sports you’ll ever find as well as housing the biggest bundles for movies.

Starting at just $40 a month for an astonishing 155+ channels, who wouldn’t be attracted to those numbers?

There are no hidden fees in DIRECTV neither so everything on display in their advertisements is fair and square if you’re not counting the miscellaneous fees shown in the finer prints.

If you need more details about DIRECTV, check out our full review.

What we like

Plenty of plans to choose from

DIRECTV has over 6 different plans to pick, each with its own unique identity: SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA, ULTIMATE, PREMIER.

  • SELECT – the tv provider’s most basic plan. You get the basic goods like children’s channels, food and travel, and general entertainment.
  • ENTERTAINMENT – A slightly more upgraded version of SELECT. The main additions here are ESPN and ESPN2 which are great starter channels for sports fans.
  • CHOICE – With over more than 185 channels and a free pass to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, it’s mainly a plan for the sports fanatic with the right amount of their favorite channels.
  • XTRA – What is considered as DIRECTV’s best-selling plan, the DIRECTV XTRA has enough entertainment and sports to keep you satisfied all day and night with its astonishing 235+ channels 24/7.  It surpasses the already-great CHOICE by having 235 channels and more.
  • ULTIMATE – this is more in favor of the movie geek as this has the most access to a wide variety of movie channels such as AMC, The Movie Channel, Encore, and the 3-month subscription of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax
  • PREMIER – If TV is life, then by all means, take it. That’s 330 channels, complete from A to Z, covering all types of genres and niches ever known to television. No more 3-month subscription to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax anymore. You get to have it all the time as long as your contract still withstands.


Pigskin fans choose DIRECTV mostly for the NFL SUNDAY TICKET that’s good for 1 whole season. It’s all about non-stop NFL from the regular season games to out-of-market stuff.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Go beyond the highlighted games by having access to spectate out-of-market Sunday NFL games
  • Watch the match anywhere on your device
  • Ability to watch up to 8 games at the same time with the help of its Game Mix Feature
  • Replay the whole game minus the commercials 30 minutes after the live coverage has ended
  • With the Player Tracker, subscribers can become nosy and track their favorite NFL players. 20 at max.
  • Real-time scores and statistics

However, once the NFL season is over and you still can’t get enough of American football, you’ll need to pay the regular fee on the next.

Is it recommended to buy the next seasons? Only if NFL is your main passion that cannot be replaced with anything else.

Unpretentious movie channels

If you’re a giant movie freak, no other tv service provider comes close to what DIRECTV has.

The only competition that comes very close to DIRECTV is DISH Network’s 3-month subscription of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and DISH Movie Pack.

With DIRECTV, especially the DIRECTV ULTIMATE and DIRECTV PREMIER, you’re getting all of the top movie channels that other tv providers wish they had.

DIRECTV PREMIER removes the boundaries of the 3-month subscription and makes the top premium channels like HBO and STARZ as permanent inclusions among 10 more movie channels.

Local channel support

Here’s a toast to DIRECTV for adding local channels to every plan without having to pay extra. Other tv service providers will need you to pay on a separate basis for local channels but you’re all good with this one.

DIRECTV has a strong national coverage so it’s no doubt that you’ll be able to watch any affiliated channels nearby.

Extremely Reliable DVR

There’s good news when you buy any of the plans; you’ll get a free Genie HD DVR with 1 TB of storage, which is about 200 hours of recorded HD shows and 900 hours of SD content.

It responds very quickly too and shows no delay of action at all once you hit record. Yes, it’s the little things that make this great too since every second of recording your favorite show counts.

Now there’s no need for you to panic at all if you need to watch the next episode of American Ninja Warrior but you’re scheduled for a hot date on the same day.

It’s also able to utilize up to 4K in UHD graphics which makes this a formidable foe of DISH Network’s very own Hopper 3 DVR.

A 3-day Restart feature

If you miss out on your favorite show, don’t worry. DIRECTV has a function that lets you replay shows as long as 3 days ago. Now you don’t have a sad excuse as to why you forgot to watch the latest Westworld episode.

Surprisingly good customer service

We underestimated DIRECTV for being one of those big companies with a fantastic network and offers but have piss-poor customer care. We were wrong.

Customer Service in DIRECTV is one of the best there is and it sure does its job thanks to quick and responsive reps who are knowledgeable in the field as well as fast on-site visits by technicians.

All prices are tax-inclusive

Contrary to what AT&T is reputable for its prices not including the taxes, DIRECTV is fortunately not like that. All the prices are what you’ll only pay…that is until we discuss the next segment:

What we don’t like

Activation Fees

DIRECTV may have included the taxes in the plans but that doesn’t excuse them from making you pay up for its activation fee.

Just like AT&T, it’s also $19.99 but come on, can’t we just get the tv service already?

Mid-year contract price hike

It’s natural for a tv service provider to do this on a 2-year contract but the price hikes are price yikes if you ask us.

Price hikes only happen in cable companies but since DIRECTV is satellite, why are they doing the same thing?  At least DISH Network never charges you for anything else other than the bill and the add-ons you want.

Odd User Interface

DIRECTV used to have the coolest UI around like the Sony PlayStation 4 dashboard but recently, the tv service provider decided to “Make things more accessible.”

It’s more inaccessible to be quite honest; small texts that only ants or anyone with a super 20/20 vision can truly read and extremely large shapes that take up so much space. This is not the kind of UI your parents or grandparents wouldn’t want.

Automatic Overage Payment for Certain Subscriptions

Another big bummer in DIRECTV is that if you forget to cancel your 3-month subscription to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax, they’ll charge you automatically for each consecutive month.

Do you know how much that bundle costs? A hefty $53.99.

Unless you don’t mind paying that much because you want more of it, this makes it anti-consumer for the subscribers who only wanted the sample platter but was charged for a group set meal instead.

Same goes for NFL SUNDAY TICKET. If you don’t cancel it, you’re looking at $293.94 on the following season. A big “wtf”, really.

It’s something customers have always complained about for quite some time now.

3. DIRECTV NOW - Best Network Quality While on a Budget

If DIRECTV is too much for you to handle, there’s always its baby alternative: DIRECTV NOW. With only over 4 tv plans, don’t let that fool you: they’re all right on the money.

DIRECTV NOW is the much more affordable version of its big sister counterpart, removing all the extra EXTRA features and only adds in the essentials. We’re happy to know that they still kept the same good reception as DIRECTV.

With only 4 plans and a few optional accessories to purchase, DIRECTV NOW is more ideal for people who like to watch TV but not too much. This is great for individuals or small families that watch tv lightly and more on surfing the web, streaming or gaming.

If you need more details about DIRECTV NOW, check out our full review.

What we like

Simultaneous streaming for up to two devices

If there’s one of the good things we’d like to mention, it’s that you can simultaneously stream with 2 devices on any plan. If you need to add one more device for streaming, just pay up an additional $5/mo for each extra device.

We’ve tried it to up to 3 devices, each playing a different channel and you know what, the network quality is plain smooth. Nothing wrong with those at all.

Catchy plan names that suit well for each purpose

Personally, we just love how the plan names suit well with DIRECTV NOW’s purpose. They’re truly the lite versions of any DIRECTV plan that only provides you with the essential channels for the general niches.

In a lot of ways, DIRECTV NOW is very much more hassle-free than its bigger predecessor. But you’d be surprised by what’s in store for subscribers.

  • Live a Little – this is more like for the sole purpose of your family having TV at home so your friends who come to visit won’t think you’re a weirdo and out of the status quo for not having any TV service. “Come on, live a little. Watch a few shows.”
  • Just Right – As the name goes, sports fans and news fans will find this plan “just right.” It includes 20 additional channels and a larger plethora of sports, news and entertainment channels.
  • Go BigWith over more than 100 channels in classic DIRECTV quality, this one has the most complete essential channels and more under a reasonable price. If you consider subscribing to DIRECTV NOW, this is it Chief.
  • Gotta Have It – It offers all of the best channels and its counterparts included. Fans of any niche will find this as the broadest and the best selection of shows to choose from.

Local channel support

It’s quite unusual for a streaming tv service to be having local channels but we’re glad this one does without paying extra dollars for it

It doesn’t have as many affiliated programs as DIRECTV does but it gets its job done. And if you want to reach out for more local channels, use an HD antenna for that.

Get a monthly discount when you’re an AT&T &More Premium subscriber

AT&T &More Premium users will be able to enjoy a $15 discount on any DIRECTV NOW plan. In our AT&T review, we’ve said this about AT&T &More Premium:

“Think of &More Premium as the former &More’s bigger and better brother with more gifts for avid TV viewers as much as Santa Claus leaving gifts under the Christmas tree. 

This right here is the granddaddy in AT&T’s line of cell phone plans. 

With every perk that can make a couch potato cry as well as adding in a nice chunk of discount for DIRECTV NOW, &More Premium is more suited for the TV geeks who want nothing more than HD streaming along with AT&T’s already formidable network quality.”

What we don’t like

No additional channel packages

We think DIRECTV NOW is right on the money but people who have opted for this but still want more won’t be able to get…well, more.

All channels are stuck within the plans and there’s no control for you which ones you need or not.


While the DIRECTV Genie DVR is excellent to its core, DIRECTV NOW’s bargain version is unresponsive and has a short 20-hour storage. If you have an existing DVR or a streaming media, it’s better to utilize those instead.

4. Sling TV - Best Budget TV Streaming

As the first streaming service of its kind, Sling TV offers the cheapest plans that anyone could ever have. It may not have the fanciest toys to make customers drool but for those seeking for a more affordable plan than DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV is an ideal choice.

It does have some minor hiccups but budgeteers will find this just right for their money. If you need something simple and effective while not demanding the grandest shows on earth, Sling TV truly is the humblest pick.

Do you want to know more about Sling TV from its plans to equipment and packages? Check out our full review right here.

What we like

The cheapest tv provider

Anything that has low prices is just nothing but eye candy for anyone. Many may doubt Sling TV’s network quality but trust us, you get more than what you’ve paid.

Starting at just $25 to a maximum of $40 monthly, you won’t find a price range like this. As for its additional channels, you can pay for what you want and what you need for only as low as $5.

If you just want to test out what Sling TV can do, you can always sign up for its 7-day trial.

Works well with any major streaming device

If you have an Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One X or Roku, you’ll be able to sync it with Sling TV in no time.

You can even increase your viewing pleasure by leveling it up with 1080p HD mode or 4K UHD.

Generous selection of channel packages that you can choose from

For as low as $5 a month each, you can pick any additional channel packages at your own will. Sling TV is fully aware that the premade channels are just a few in each plan but the add-ons will always keep you watching for more.

Compared to other tv service providers, we find Sling TV to be the most flexible in giving out custom selections for subscribers who want full control of the channels they only need.

Do you prefer more kids channels or maybe fashion and traveling? How about something for Dad who loves sports so much or just someone who only needs to watch movies on tv?

Thankfully, Sling TV has you covered.

Choose from any of the packages:

  • Kids
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • News
  • Lifestyle
  • Premiums
  • Hollywood
  • Heartland
  • International
  • Espanol
  • Comedy

No hidden fees, contracts or overages

That’s right, no devil between the details here. Everything that is on the price tag is what you’ll only pay for.

We give them a toast for being a much friendlier service for their consumers than some major services. Free cheers for honest prices!

Cloud DVR

Sling TV doesn’t offer any DVR except for a separate monthly payment of $5 for the Cloud DVR. It’s beautiful in its own right as you do not have to deal with any physical hardware.

Take you stored shows anywhere on any device. It has a free space that can save up to a maximum of 50 hours of shows.

That alone makes it much better than DIRECTV NOW’s DVR.

It’s quite responsive too despite the fact that it’s cloud-based which makes this an amazing perk for having Sling TV.

Free Roku Express

Roku Express costs $29.99 but if you prepay for Sling TV, it’s yours for free, given that you do the following:

  1. Subscribe to Sling TV
  2. Prepay for 2 months including the free trial.

**You must not do the free trial and then prepay 2 months after.

What we don’t like

Lack of channels

This should come as no surprise. While it may be the cheapest tv service around, it doesn’t have much when it comes to the number of channels.

If you’re not opting for their additional channel packages, you’re stuck with at least just 50 channels with the Orange + Blue plan.

Confusing plans

Sling TV has only 3 plans: Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue but holy crap is it confusing to understand upon first hearing about it.

Both Orange and Blue costs $25 and $40 for combining both. Orange has only 29+ channels while Blue get s 42+. Both of them have significantly different channels like Orange having Disney and ESPN while Blue has USA and FOX.

The only way to acquire them is by acquiring both but here’s the more confusing part:

Orange can only do 1 simultaneous stream while Blue can do so with up to 3 devices. That means you can only watch Orange channels on one device (ie. a TV) but none that are available on Blue.

The other 3 devices assigned to Blue can only watch Blue channels and none from Orange.

So why can’t they just combine both? We have no idea either.

It’s as confusing as to why Sling chose these two colors as their labels for their plans.

No local channels

This one is understandable as they have to compensate for the cheap prices. If you need access to local ones, use an HD antenna for that.

Thumbs Down on Customer Service

Customer Care is as bad as DISH Networks or worse, according to them and that’s some big yikes.

The only time their customer service is doing well is with their live chat. But as far as the hotline and on-site visits go, it’s two thumbs down.

5. Xfinity - Best All-Around Cable TV

If you’re going to stick with traditional cable, it better be Xfinity. Compared to the others in the field, this is the best cable company to have.

Think of this as a slightly cheaper version of DISH Network without the fancy satellite reception; It starts at $49.99 for a 1-year contract — $10 cheaper than DISH Network’s starter plan, America’s Top 120.

Xfinity’s most expensive plan, Digital Premier, costs $79.99, which, again, is $10 cheaper than DISH Network’s America’s Top 250.

It’s the single best cable tv more than anything else. In short, it’s Xfinity or bust.

What we like

Option to pay without a contract

Xfinity lets you have a choice between signing a 1-year contract, a 2-year contract, or none at all. You may choose to have no contract but be aware that all the original prices displayed will be increased by $10.

Offers all the best and major channels

People may say that cable tv is dead but Xfinity says likewise by having a roster of the most relevant channels to date.

With the reputable channels included in their 3 bundles – Digital Starter, Digital Preferred, and Digital Premier, you may choose to add other separate channels too on a separate payment basis.

Just the starter plan alone can net you great channels such as the major ESPN channels, news, and general entertainment networks.

Strong cable reception

If there’s a storm in your area or a heavy blizzard, it’s easy to say that tv reception is always barely affected. This is due to the fact that Xfinity’s cable work is durable and has been tried and tested on a number of strong weather occasions.

The Xfinity X1 DVR

It’s just like Sling TV’s Cloud DVR but better.

While you have to pay $9.99 for the second month after the free inclusion on any plan, The X1 DVR is also a cloud-based recording device that is easily one of the best in responsive controls and beautiful UI.

Oh, and it uses voice control too minus the Alexa feature.

What we don’t like

Additional fees here, additional fees there.

If EA Games turned into a cable company and transferred its leeching microtransaction racket into tv services, this would be it.

We can’t tell you how many additional fees there are because there’s too much of them.

There are no channel packages here – you have to pay for them separately, including premiums such as HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME.

Need some help with the installation? Oh, that’s going to cost you unless you’re going for the DIY route.

How about local channels and regional sports? Well, you still have to pay up.

Did you get sick and tired from all these additional payments and want to terminate? You can do so…for a price.

There are no overages here but the prices on the other fees are just absurd.

At the end of it all, you’re paying more than what you thought would be. Sure, the prices of their plans seem reasonable enough but did they ever inform you of its additional fees and recurring price hikes?

Unless you ask them, they won’t say a damn thing.

It just sucks that they have the best cable quality versus other leading brands but their corporate greed is exploiting the people’s needs.

Told you, they’re like EA.

Really bad customer service

Sling TV & DISH Network: “We have the worst customer service.”

Xfinity: “Hold my beer.”

For real, no words can describe how god-awful Xfinity’s customer care is. Everything that makes Xfinity so good is what makes them terrible in customer service.

There are several cases of lying, rude replies, and fake information.

You should definitely take those into account because the people have spoken and they said, “ Haha…this sucks, man.”

These are jotted down from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, by the way.


So we’re finally here. These are the best of the best TV providers.

While every service has its major ups and downs, that doesn’t stop them from being the best in their own fields.

Let’s take a quick recap of all 5 TV service providers:

  1. DISH Network has the best assortment of channel lineups complemented by so many free perks such as free installations, network security and 3-months of premium channels. Its Hopper 3 DVR is also the best DVR ever made plus it’s supported with Alexa too.
  2. DIRECTV is the king of sports and movies galore with each plan including more hundreds of channels and a free Genie HD DVR.
  3. DIRECTV NOW is the budget-friendly version of DIRECTV. It may not have the same freebies as DIRECTV but its cost-efficient prices and no contract make this a must-subscribe.
  4. If you’re looking for something cheaper than DIRECTV NOW and just need the essential channels, Sling TV is the most affordable TV plan to get.
  5. When it comes to cable TV, no other company does it better than Xfinity with its grand channels available even at its basic plan.
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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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