AT&T Internet Reviews 2019: Each Plan Made for You

For years, AT&T has proven itself to be one of the top service providers in America for cellphones, television and the internet. While their prices are never cheap in any department, the value for the money and consistent service outweigh the prices.

There’s a good reason why AT&T internet is one of our best internet providers and we’ll let you know why.

In this article, we’ll be looking at AT&T and its plans to check out if they’re worth your time or not. We’ll be focusing on each price, exclusive bundles, the perks that come with it and see if there are some drawbacks.

There are two types of internet that AT&T provides: one is the traditional DSL and the others being fiber optic cables.

AT&T internet speeds range from “Oh man, really though this is all they got?” to “I can power up two large families with this one,” which makes this one of the most flexible sets of internet plans versus other companies.

Now let’s take a look at their plans and prices:

Plans and Pricing

Here we have 5 of the finest plans from AT&T internet. Yes, the prices do look a bit intimidating but just look at the internet speeds they offer.

Okay, so the beginner plan of Internet Basic 5 may look underwhelming but that’s good enough if you only need a source of internet at home to browse through social media and watch YouTube while not minding the 360p to 480p resolution.

The second plan with various numbers is actually dependent on where you live. If the coverage is strong, you’ll automatically be tracked to either 50 to 100 and meanwhile if you live in a region where AT&T coverage is weak, you’ll have to settle from 10 to 50.

Internet 100 is basically if you live in an area where AT&T coverage is strong and you want to make it safe and bank the flat 100 Mbps into your household. This is good enough to binge on HD movies that is either streamed or downloaded.

Internet 300 is more in favor of the gamers and live streamers as the download speed is equivalent to the upload speed which makes this good enough for proper HD broadcasting for your fans.

Internet 1000 is most preferred for a large family that constantly uses the internet all day and night or a small business with a handful of people who need the internet for their work.

And yes, we are very aware that they are pricey but if you compare AT&T’s network coverage versus other internet providers, they don’t come close at all. Plus they work very well in rural environments too.

Another good perk for each individual plan is that they’re all provided with a hotspot so you don’t have to lose precious data that you could be using outside your home and a free router. Why can’t other companies lay them down for free just like AT&T, right?

On a side note, we want to tip our hats to AT&T for making the plans easy to remember and understandwithout any of those plan names like “WOW BEDAZZLE Plan” or “AWW YES PRO Plan”. Honestly, they’re annoying sometimes.

Each plan also gets a free McAfee Antivirus software, an account security app courtesy of AT&T and a personalized mail software as well as a home device manager from theirs truly.

Does AT&T have activation fees? Yes and no.

Yes if you’re availing for the lower tier plans such as the Internet Basic 5, and Internet 10-50, you’ll have to pay for a ridiculous amount of up to $99.

Is it negotiable? Fortunately, as of September 2019, it is negotiable these days but still, don’t expect to pay the activation fee at a low price.

But if you’re subscribing the Internet 100 to Internet 1000, there are no activation fees which is a big sigh for everyone.

Another good thing we’d like to point out is that they don’t have a lot of additional charges just like what Comcast Xfinity does – instead, they’re free like hotspot activation and an internet router.

There is a 1-year contract included in each AT&T plan but before you do a big BOOYAH for the incredible speed, we have to let you know right now that the price increases to as much as $10 on the following year once you’re paying on the 13th month after you’ve subscribed to their service.

However, we fair that better than Xfinity’s initial price increase when you want to pay without any contracts with them. Oh, and also the absurdity of paying a separate $11 a month for the Comcast router.

AT&T also gives out bundles that come along with the internet, specifically with their TV plans, but we’ll discuss that later.

For now, let’s look at each plan they have.

When all you want is just no-hassle DSL internet in which you only use for internet browsing or playing casual games on your mobile device, then their starter plan of 5 Mbps is enough to suffice.

But paying $40 just for that? It’s much better to pay for Xfinity’s Performance Starter plan with 15 Mbps that’s priced at just $29.99 for a 1-year contract or $39.99 without a contract.

Sure, you may have to pay for a router separately but that still does much more than AT&T’s starter.

We’re not here to judge what you want to do on the internet but this is good enough if you’re okay with watching YouTube at just a max of 480p smooth streaming and reading what your friends are up to on Facebook.

But if your purpose is to download stuff like games, movies, tv series or por–nope not that one, then look elsewhere or suffer having to wait for hours or even days just to successfully download media.

Having a range of internet speed from 10 Mbps up to an optimal 100 Mbps is usually good enough for solo flyers and small families who don’t wish to pay a lot for good internet.

Whether you’re choosing 10 Mbps, 18, 25, or 50, the numbers actually vary from which region you’re from. If we were you, we’d contact AT&T about availability. In any way, you’ll have to pay up $50 for the regular price if you want it.

Is it enough? If you’re just alone, with a live-in girlfriend/boyfriend or a family of 3 or 4, this nice enough to be had.

Just don’t expect anything amazing like seamless HD streaming or the likes. Yes, you can play online games with some hints of lag but it checks out.

A well-rounded plan that doesn’t cause much trouble nor does it make any spectacular ones, the 100 Mbps plan is suitable for watching HD movies or playing video games while never worrying about lag.

It also costs $50 for this but that only means the luckiest bastards with the area availability will be able to purchase this Otherwise, you’ll have to stick to just up to 50 Mbps.

The biggest cheese in here is that it’s the most frequently used plan to come together with the DIRECTV bundles (which we will be discussing later on after we talk about Internet 300 and 1000).

It does enough to keep you at bay with quality internet surfing.

If you’re the ultimate gamer type who’s also an aspiring live streamer thinking you could be the next Ninja or want that certainty of no lags in between watching HD movies and online gaming, this is the most ideal internet plan for you.

We give this two thumbs up as the upload – download ratio are equal and that this plan does everything well for the industrial person looking to be the next internet sensation.

This is our most recommended plan since it ensures no lags in between multiple devices that stream HD and play games at the same time plus the fiber connection really helps here. It’s worth the $70.

Also, bless this plan for no activation fees: this, the 100 and the 1000 Mbps plan, specifically.

When you’ve gone loco for internet speeds or looking to compensate fast connections when you have a small business along with some workers, the Internet 1000 is a sure winner.

It may have a big intimidating price of $90.00 but we’ll stick with that more than Xfinity’s 1000 or even Verizon Fios’ 980/800 plan. Why? Because this doesn’t have any activation fee nor are there any excluded payments from the advertised price.

Now as promised, we’ll take a look at the AT&T internet bundles:

Internet Bundles

Okay so for this article, we’ll be adding in the internet bundles that AT&T offers since they give out some sweet deals if you’re interested in subscribing to their tv program, DIRECTV.

We’ll give you a briefing of each in case you’re interested in availing their bundles which, to be very honest, are all sweet deals if you’re into TV and all its galore.

There are quite a bunch of them but we’ve picked out only the best ones that we think are the best in the list. We got 5 over here:

  • DIRECTV Select + AT&T Internet at $75 per month
  • DIRECTV Choice + AT&T Internet at $85 per month
  • DIRECTV Ultimate + AT&T Internet at $100 per month
  • U-FAMILY TV + AT&T Internet at $75 per month
  • U-FAMILY TV + AT&T Internet + Digital Home Phone at $94.99 per month

If you’re availing for the 10 to 100 Mbps internet plan, you’ll get the option to add in a package for DIRECTV – a tv service which we consider as one of the best in America.

Once you oblige to choose this bundle, AT&T will make sure that your internet speed will go to a maximum of 100 Mbps that sweetens the deal. That’s the beauty of their service here.

And the best part? $0 activation fee for the internet if you avail for the TV + internet bundle.

What separates DIRECTV from U-FAMILY is just that the latter has significantly more channels than any of DIRECTV’s plans. U-FAMILY is part of a bigger TV service called U-VERSE; we’re talking about numbers from 360 to 550 here.

It’s also a much better slew of options than Verizon Fios, to be honest.


Is U-VERSE any different from DIRECTV? Yes but only because of its ridiculous number of channels that only a man with no life except for tv can be able to catch up to.

Is DIRECTV worth the TV + Internet bundle?

With over more than a hundred channels even just from its starter package, countless HD-supported channels plus an HD DVR, all under reasonable prices with no hidden fees, DIRECTV is a couch potato’s haven with no channel that you’d want to miss out on.

DIRECTV’s groundbreaking Genie HD DVR.

If there’s an example of a DVR done right, it’s certainly the Genie. A lot of provided DVRs tend to be either laggy or clunky to use that you’d wish Tivo was back since it’s better.

But for DIRECTV, they’ve brought justice for the DVR. This is a major perk for any plan as this makes it a major selling point too for any potential DIRECTV subscriber.

As for the storage, you’re getting 1 TB no matter what bundle you pick. That’s approximately 100 to 200 hours of HD shows and 800 to 900 hours of SD flicks.

It responds very quickly too and shows no delay of action at all once you hit record. Yes, it’s the little things that make this great too since every second of recording your favorite show counts.

If you’re looking for the widest variety in sports and movies, you’ve come to the right place. DIRECTV is outstanding when it comes to its packages of the best sports you’ll ever find as well as housing the biggest bundles for movies.

Our recommendation of the 3 bundles here is the ULTIMATE + Internet package. It’s a reason why it’s one of DIRECTV’s top-sellers and it complements very well with the 100 Mbps internet.

Is U-VERSE worth the TV + Internet bundle?

U-VERSE retains the same good network quality of DIRECTV but it doesn’t have the same memorable packages just like DIRECTV, mainly for the Sports stuff including the NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

It may have STARZ and SHOWTIME on a permanent basis but just like DIRECTV, HBO and Cinemax are only available on the first 3 months after subscription.

Perhaps the most iconic feature of U-VERSE is the inclusion of watching On-Demand shows in HD within a snap. It’s simply one of the best On-Demand viewing experience any could ever have.

The On-Demand’s recommendations based on what movies you prefer are pretty accurate and we do love how you can get to personalize your own library of flicks to watch.

You get an HD DVR that’s worth 500 GB of HD recording too. Not as powerful as the Genie, but this checks out compared to its competitors.

We recommend getting the $75 per month bundle plan unless you’re in need of a home phone for everyone but come on, let’s be honest here, who needs a telephone these days if everyone has a smartphone already?

Starting at a vast 155 channels and more for $75 per month, you’ll get up to 100 Mbps of internet and channels which any family will love including some children’s networks and dozens upon dozens of general entertainment for everyone.

You get the basic goods like children’s channels (Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc), food and travel (Food Network, TLC, etc) and general entertainment (Nat Geo, History, Bravo!, TBS, etc).

For the first 3 months after subscribing to SELECT, you get free HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

Sports aren’t included in this package yet. If you want to go with sports, choose the CHOICE or ULTIMATE TV + internet bundle plan instead.

CHOICE + Internet is a good bundle with a balanced ratio of sports to general entertainment. At $85 a month, you’ll experience awesome sports channels PLUS the coveted NFL SUNDAY TICKET alongside 185+ channels.

As in the usual case, you still get 3 months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

However, the main dish here is the NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the whole first season. These are what the NFL SUNDAY TICKET get you:

  • Go beyond the highlighted games by having access to spectate out-of-market Sunday NFL games
  • Watch the match anywhere on your device
  • Ability to watch up to 8 games at the same time with the help of its Game Mix Feature
  • Replay the whole game minus the commercials 30 minutes after the live coverage has ended
  • With the Player Tracker, subscribers can become nosy and track their favorite NFL players. 20 at max.
  • Real-time scores and statistics

The biggest catch here, nevertheless, is that the NFL SUNDAY TICKET is only good for one season unless you’re planning to reserve $293.94 for that but who has enough money to go for that?

$100 per month gets you 235 and more channels plus the NFL SUNDAY TICKET. This is the most favorable for both sports freaks and movie geeks. Backed up by a powerful 100 Mbps, you’ll be able to enjoy HD viewing while scrolling through social media without the laggy tussles.

What’s not to love here?

You still get a 3-month subscription of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax at no extra cost. The same thing goes with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET for one full season.

ULTIMATE is more in favor of the movie geek as this has the most access to a wide variety of movie channels such as AMC, The Movie Channel, Encore, and the 3-month subscription of the previously said channels above.

If you’re not the Netflix and chill type of person that thinks there are more quality movies in ULTIMATE than the internet streaming stations, then you should take this into consideration.

Not to mention you get your HD DVR that can record up to 100 hours of HD shows too.

If you’re a movie and sports fanatic, get this one. Don’t hesitate, don’t get the lower plans, get this one.

U-FAMILY is one of U-VERSE’s cheaper plans to have. With over 200+ channels full of networks that kids, teens and adults will love with the addition of movies and shows On-Demand the bundle works so well with the 100 Mbps internet and is worth paying $75 a month.

However, when it comes to sports, it doesn’t offer anything much. Sports nuts are better off with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE + internet bundle to scratch that sports itch.

That is unless movies and series On-Demand are more of a priority than men and women chasing after a ball.

This one is still pretty much just like the same bundle mentioned above except this one has a digital home phone included. It’s a nice phone to have in the household and with the addition of the already-great U-FAMILY + Internet bundle, it’s good for the $94.99 a month.

Unless, of course, your family isn’t dependent on the telephone anymore. It’s a great package, sure, but if you’re willing to add $20 more to the former bundle just for a family phone, be our guest.

If, however, your family is more reliant on their personal phones, then this plan isn’t for you.

Now that we’ve finally covered the TV + Internet bundles, let’s look at the AT&T internet overall speed, data caps, potential fees, and contracts.

Overall Speed & Data Caps

How fast is ATT internet?

We’re happy to say that AT&T internet is consistent when it comes to the internet speed. If you opt for 100 Mbps, it stays constantly that way and doesn’t drastically go lower than that.

On the contrary, the speed also depends upon the availability of the network in your area so if we were you, we’d check if the speeds are optimal in the area.

Download to Upload Ratio

AT&T is generous when it comes to the download – upload speeds. Most of the time, the speed of both are equal unless you’re under the 5 Mbps or 10 to 50 Mbps in which upload speeds are capped to 1 to 20 Mbps.

Data Cap

Each plan is guaranteed to have a limit of 1TB which is enough to watch Netflix almost 24/7 on at least the 100 Mbps plan and has the right amount of storage to go for one month of live streaming while gaming on 300 Mbps.

But if you were to avail the 1000 Mbps plan, you’ll get no data cap at all which makes a more favorable 1K Mbps plan over Xfinity since the latter still has a 1TB cap.

So yeah, their most expensive plan has a sweet deal of unlimited data – play all you want, stream all you, watch all you want. Just don’t abandon your loved ones for that, though.

Fees & Contracts

We’ll keep it real with you, chief: while all these look really good, do note that there are some fees you’ll have to pay for including the activation fee on the cheaper plans and the termination fee should you say “Screw it, I’m switching to another internet provider.”

Activation Fee

Ah yes, activation fees; they’re pretty much synonymous with AT&T at this point be it phone service, DIRECTV or internet.

Take note that the activation fee only applies to the Internet 5 to 50 Mbps plans. 100 to 1000 Mbps plans will have no activation fees at all.

It’s not as notorious as Xfinity so we’ll give them that. You’ll have to pay $35 for the DIY installation or up to $99 if you choose to prefer having a professional do it for you.

We’d say go with the former instead. It’s easy to connect the dots anyway.

Termination Fee

If you find yourself unsatisfied with AT&T, then you can opt to cancel their service…for a price.

You have to pay $15 for each month left in your contract. You can pay everything in one go or pay it on a monthly basis.

And no, they don’t have a 30-day cancellation period so once you’re with AT&T, you’re bound to it whether you like it or not.

Price Hike

This only takes effect if you buy the internet and none of their phone service or tv service bundles.

Each plan is only limited to 1 year under a contract. The plans that we have jotted down in this article are only good for 12 months and if you’re still continuing with AT&T internet, any plan will increase to $10 once you pay on the 13th month.

At least it’s fixated on just a one-time $10 increase when you’re paying on the 3rd year and beyond.

Customer Service

Compared to most other services out there, we’d like to say that AT&T’s customer care is decent; it’s not that bad nor that good at all. It’s just right and we’re okay with that.

Everything is textbook service which is why it’s alright – there’s nothing outstanding with any of their reps nor are there any delays in contacting with them. They just follow ground rules.

We also give them credit for being honest with their customers too. They’ll tell you frankly if there’s something up or not and will not be giving you false hopes or sugar-coated lies.

Is AT&T Internet Good?

With over numerous plans to choose from, consistently fast internet speeds, great TV + internet bundles, free hotspot and router, and decent customer service, yes, AT&T internet is good in every way.

If you don’t mind the pricey prices, price hikes and activation fees on lower-end plans, then AT&T should be on your list of to-have internet.

It’s available for a lot of states with a strong coverage on major states, making this one of the biggest internet coverage nationwide.


  • Consistently fast internet
  • Great TV + Internet deals
  • Free hotspot and router
  • No activation fees on the 100 to 1000 Mbps plans
  • All plans except the 1000 Mbps internet have a huge cap of 1TB data
  • 1000 Mbps internet has unlimited data
  • Great download : upload ratio
  • Decent customer service


  • Activation fee for the 5 to 50 Mbps internet plan
  • Price hike after a contract renewal on the 2nd year if you do not avail for any other bundles alongside the internet


Is there a no-contract plan with AT&T?

All plans with AT&T include a 12-month contract in order to subscribe to their service. There are no non-contract plans available.

Is AT&T internet available in my region?

AT&T internet is available in the major states but if you are unsure about where you live, you can always check their availability.

I already have a router. Can I use that instead?

Yes you may but you’ll be missing out on certain exclusive features such as syncing the AT&T apps with the router, specifically for device management.

AT&T’s router is free of charge but if you do insist on using your own, you may do so. Just don’t forget to contact them to activate your router with their internet (free of charge).


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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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