Best Internet Provider 2019: Our Top 5 Picks Just for You

There are currently 2574 internet providers in America alone. As of October 2019, we’ve rallied the best of the best in order only for you to minimize your options and pick the right one.

We present to you the top 5 best internet providers in America that you’ll only need above all else. It was a hard choice for us as we had to track down all known internet providers that have a good reputation.

Alas, only 5 of them truly caught our eyes that will be very beneficial for you. Which of them is truly the best internet provider over the other?

Are you the gamer type? The social media influencer who needs the power of the internet to get more followers and grow your fanbase?

Maybe you’re a live streamer who wants to seek out the smoothest internet speed for HD uploads or maybe you’re just a freak for HD movies available in numerous streaming sites?

Which ISP is the most suitable for your situation?

Here are the Top 5 Best Internet Providers 2019:

  • AT&T Internet – Best in Internet Consistency and TV + Internet Bundles
  • Verizon Fios – Best Fiber Internet
  • Comcast Xfinity – Best Cable Internet
  • Frontier Internet – Best Value for Your Money
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet – Best Satellite Internet

We’ve actually covered each ISP in detailed manners minus Frontier internet. Check out our reviews of AT&T Internet, Verizon Fios, and Comcast Xfinity and also our Best Satellite Internet comparison.

So how did we sort the internet providers into our Top 5? Here are our standards:

  • Pricing
  • Value for the price
  • Number of channels
  • Variety of plans and packages
  • Routers and other devices
  • Additional perks
  • Customer service

How We Chose The Best Internet Service Providers


Some are too cheap, some are too expensive, and some are just right on the money. We had to see on all 2000+ internet providers based on affordability to posh prices. We had to know some factors in between the lines especially when it comes to hidden fees.

Hidden fees are like a burden for so many people that we keep asking why such a thing exists. We picked the most transparent providers and while some of them still have added fees, at least they never hide these prices from their menus.

Value for the Price

There are a lot of internet providers where you’re paying too much for barely anything valuable in return, making them a huge waste of time and money. The best internet providers are those that create internet plans which are right on the money instead of just leeching the customers.

If they value the people as much as their network quality, then that’s good for everyone.

Variety of Plans and Packages

You’ll notice that some internet services here have more plans than the others. Yes, variety is pretty but if the best internet providers have at least 3 plans which are full of beneficial qualities, it’s amazing enough in our end.

Oh and some of them even have really awesome TV bundles too which makes the most out of your internet services. That’s just so cool.

Routers and Other Devices

Some internet service providers are so generous that they give out some free stuff including a complimentary wi-fi router for your home.

Optional apps like a device manager for when you want to take control of how long the kids can use the internet for gaming or streaming or data trackers are always a plus for anyone.

Additional Perks

Similar to bonus hardware, additional perks like additional GB for internet data or an added hotspot in your house is something nobody will ever say no to/

Customer Service

We’ll be honest with you–not all of the customer services in each internet provider here are great but they’re much more tolerable than others. While it’s true that the usual service provider always has pathetic customer care, there are those that are slightly better than that.

Not every tv service provider can accomplish all those; each one of them has its own ups and downs but the former outweighs the latter.

For example, Xfinity may have lots of plans to choose from under reasonable prices but the customer service is terrible while on the contrary, you have Verizon Fios having the kindest and generous customer service but its prices can be too much.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you want satellite, fiber optic or traditional cable.

Now that we’ve covered all of that up, it’s time to look at each internet provider. Take note that they are in no particular order.

1. AT&T Internet - Best in Internet Consistency and TV + Internet Bundles

If there’s an internet company that spoils their customers a lot, it’s AT&T Internet. With a variation of DSL and Fiber Optic connectivities that never ceases to tone down on quality plus a combination plan with DIRECTV, AT&T Internet is surely the provider fit for royalty.

With over numerous plans to choose from, consistently fast internet speeds, great TV + internet bundles, free hotspot and router, and decent customer service, yes, AT&T internet is a good ISP in every way.

If you don’t mind the pricey prices, price hikes and activation fees on lower-end plans, then AT&T should be on your list of to-have internet.

It’s available for a lot of states with a strong coverage on major states, making this one of the biggest internet coverage nationwide.

What We Like

Options Upon Options of Internet Plans

We’ve got 5 great plans from AT&T ranging from affordable prices to something rich boys and internet celebrities can afford.

  • Basic 5 Mbps: When all you want is just no-hassle DSL internet in which you only use for internet browsing or playing casual games on your mobile device, then their starter plan of 5 Mbps is enough to suffice.
  • Internet 5 to 100 Mbps: Having a range of internet speed from 10 Mbps up to an optimal 100 Mbps is usually good enough. Whether you’re choosing 10 Mbps, 18, 25, or 50, the numbers actually vary from which region you’re from.
  • 100 Mbps: A well-rounded plan that doesn’t cause much trouble nor does it make any spectacular ones, the 100 Mbps plan is suitable for watching HD movies or playing video games while never worrying about lag.
  • 300 Mbps: This is our most recommended plan since it ensures no lags in between multiple devices that stream HD and play games at the same time plus the fiber connection really helps here. It’s worth the $70. Great for HD live streaming too.
  • 1000 Mbps: When you’ve gone loco for internet speeds or looking to compensate fast connections when you have a small business along with some workers, the Internet 1000 is a sure winner.

No Activation Fees from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps Plans

A rejoice for AT&T subscribers who are in the 100 Mbps mark and above, though. AT&T is reputable for activation fees but if you’re in this range of internet speed, you don’t need to pay for that darn fee.

If you’re going to pay for the 5 Mbps or up to 50 Mbps plus activation fee, we strongly advise that you stick with something else like Xfinity or Frontier.

TV + Internet Bundles Unlike Any Other

The most stand-out part of AT&T Internet is their inclusion of DIRECTV and U-VERSE into the bundles. Here are the combos that make this choice of internet much sweeter:

  • DIRECTV Select + AT&T Internet at $75 per month
  • DIRECTV Choice + AT&T Internet at $85 per month
  • DIRECTV Ultimate + AT&T Internet at $100 per month
  • U-FAMILY TV + AT&T Internet at $75 per month
  • U-FAMILY TV + AT&T Internet + Digital Home Phone at $94.99 per month

If you’re availing for the 10 to 100 Mbps internet plan, you’ll get the option to add in a package for DIRECTV – a tv service which we consider as one of the best in America.

Once you oblige to choose this bundle, AT&T will make sure that your internet speed will go to a maximum of 100 Mbps that sweetens the deal. That’s the beauty of their service here.

With over more than a hundred channels even just from its starter package, countless HD-supported channels plus an HD DVR, all under reasonable prices with no hidden fees, DIRECTV is a couch potato’s haven with no channel that you’d want to miss out on.

It may not have the same amount of discounts and apps like AT&T’s &More Premium does (in reality, you’re paying separately for their internet TV streaming plus taxes and activation fees), but what it does is controlled quality.

As for the storage, you’re getting 1 TB no matter what bundle you pick. That’s approximately 100 to 200 hours of HD shows and 800 to 900 hours of SD flicks.

It responds very quickly too and shows no delay of action at all once you hit record. Yes, it’s the little things that make this great too since every second of recording your favorite show counts.

If you’re looking for the widest variety in sports and movies, you’ve come to the right place. DIRECTV is outstanding when it comes to its packages of the best sports you’ll ever find as well as housing the biggest bundles for movies.

Our recommendation of the 3 bundles here is the ULTIMATE + Internet package. It’s a reason why it’s one of DIRECTV’s top-sellers and it complements very well with the 100 Mbps internet.

On the U-VERSE retains the same good network quality of DIRECTV but it doesn’t have the same memorable packages just like DIRECTV, mainly for the Sports stuff including the NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

It may have STARZ and SHOWTIME on a permanent basis but just like DIRECTV, HBO and Cinemax are only available on the first 3 months after subscription.

Perhaps the most iconic feature of U-VERSE is the inclusion of watching On-Demand shows in HD within a snap. It’s simply one of the best On-Demand viewing experience any could ever have.

The On-Demand’s recommendations based on what movies you prefer are pretty accurate and we do love how you can get to personalize your own library of flicks to watch.

You get an HD DVR that’s worth 500 GB of HD recording too. Not as powerful as the Genie, but this checks out compared to its competitors.

We recommend getting the $75 per month bundle plan unless you’re in need of a home phone for everyone but come on, let’s be honest here; who needs a telephone these days if everyone has a smartphone already?

Consistent Internet Speeds

We’re happy to say that AT&T internet is consistent when it comes to the internet speed. If you opt for 100 Mbps, it stays constantly that way and doesn’t drastically go lower than that.

On the contrary, the speed also depends upon the availability of the network in your area so if we were you, we’d check if the speeds are optimal in the region.

Amazing Download to Upload Ratio

AT&T is generous when it comes to the download – upload speeds.

Most of the time, the speed of both are equal unless you’re under the 5 Mbps or 10 to 50 Mbps in which upload speeds are capped to 1 to 20 Mbps.

High Data Cap for Each Plan and Unlimited for the 1000 Mbps Plan

Each plan is guaranteed to have a limit of 1TB which is enough to watch Netflix almost 24/7 on at least the 100 Mbps plan and has the right amount of storage to go for one month of live streaming while gaming on 300 Mbps.

But if you were to avail the 1000 Mbps plan, you’ll get no data cap at all which makes a more favorable 1K Mbps plan over Xfinity since the latter still has a 1TB cap.

So yeah, their most expensive plan has a sweet deal of unlimited data – play all you want, stream all you, watch all you want. Just don’t abandon your loved ones for that, though.

What We Don’t Like

Expensive Additional Fees

While all these look really good, do note that there are some fees you’ll have to pay for including the activation fee on the cheaper plans and the termination fee should you say “I should have stuck with Frontier instead.”

Fees including activation fees and termination fees exist in here although you shouldn’t worry so much about the latter unless for some reason you just don’t like AT&T’s services.

Activation fees, while they may be only present in the 5 Mbps up to 50 Mbps plan, are still a pain in the butt if you decide to stick to those plans. Go with Frontier instead if that’s the case.

Certain Price Hikes

This only takes effect if you buy the internet and none of their phone service or tv service bundles.

Each plan is only limited to 1 year under a contract. The plans that we have jotted down in this article are only good for 12 months and if you’re still continuing with AT&T internet, any plan will increase to $10 once you pay on the 13th month.

At least it’s fixated on just a one-time $10 increase when you’re paying on the 3rd year and beyond.

2. Verizon Fios - Best Fiber Internet and Customer Service

With just 3 available internet plans plus a handful of good bundles backed up by what we consider as the most powerful fiber optics connection, Verizon Fios is simply the best fiber ISP that one could ever have.

There’s a reason why it’s awarded for best internet in America for 6 years in a row by J.D. Power and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

In fact, the only downside here are the prices. Everything else about this internet service is just stunning. It’s as good as its phone service and we cannot recommend you enough of its stellar customer service.

Yes, customer service – something majority of internet services do not have. We guess it’s the price you pay for being a subscriber to Verizon Fios.

Considering it as the most consistent internet provider when it comes to internet speed and generous customer service, Verizon Fios is one of the best there is.

It stands out from the crowd, showing that quality outweighs quantity. Who needs 6 different plans when you can just stick to 3 yet very helpful plans?

The TV bundle plans are excellent too as they complement very well to Fios’ 980/800 Mbps plan. That makes family entertainment much better than it already is.

Verizon Fios sets the bar very high when it comes to combining goodness into one sandwich but that is all in exchange for a very expensive price.

What We Like

Plans Are Easy to Understand

It only comes in 3 flavors, all of which are much better than most providers with more than 5 plans with only slight differences.

  • Better Browsing 100/100: Basic plans don’t come close as much as Verizon Fios’ 100 Mbps starter plan. Its download speed is equal to its upload speed and network quality never lags even if 4 to 7 devices are connected all together.
  • Better Streaming 300/300: This is our recommendation. The name says it all and with a 300 Mbps download – upload speed, it’s great for 8 or more devices to connect to the internet and watch HD flicks, stream videos, and music or live streaming with no hassle.
  • Better Everything 980/880: This one gets you 980 Mbps of download speed and 800 Mbps upload speed. It’s not the best fastest gigabit plan out there but it surely maintains those numbers thanks to Verizon’s fiber optic connection.

Unrivaled Consistency and Speed

We, the customers, usually have doubts about the internet service’s top network speed that they boast on their ads. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we found out that average speed is lower than what they advertised.

But in the case of Verizon Fios, what they advertise is what they truly deliver. This is all thanks to their powerful fiber optic connection that is unlike any other.

And yes, we’ve seen the numbers and we’re impressed. According to the FCC, the actual speeds are 100% accurate to what Verizon Fios advertises.

Now that’s something you can really trust.

Oh right, we never told you yet but every plan that Verizon Fios offers does not have any limited data. Yes, it’s all unlimited! Thank you once again, based Verizon.

Remarkable Customer Service

Now, this is where Verizon Fios shines as much as the network quality of their plans. Customer Service here is stellar and highly competent than any other services we’ve encountered.

They’ve got an effective system in which it makes having to solve your issues become easier to be dealt with. They’ve got a fast-responding online chat and hotline, speedy on-site technicians and is the most honest and friendliest representatives we’ve ever contacted with.

Xfinity should really be ashamed of themselves.

However, if you need them to do the installation for you, you’ll have to contact them beforehand to get it done.

Great TV + Internet Bundles

Their bundles may not be as grand scale as AT&T Internet but their bundles are surely alluring not to miss out on.

Every bundle plan comes with the Fios Gigabit Connection aka the 980/800 Mbps plan, a number of channels such as Custom TV, Preferred TV, and Extreme TV, and, to top it all off, it goes with a good-looking digital home phone.

The main difference, as you can see, is the TV options. Without making it any more confusing, here’s how it goes: Custom TV has 155+ channels, Preferred TV has 280+ channels and Extreme TV has 355+ channels.

Each one of them also carries a 2-year price guarantee, a $100 Visa Prepaid Card, a digital home phone with unlimited nationwide calling, access to 140,000 On Demand titles and $200 worth of Google and Nest smart home devices.

Speaking of Visa Prepaid Cards and smart home devices, those are some things we love too.

Perks That Are Must-Haves

What’s not to love about Fios? You get Visa Prepaid Cards for availing their bundles which are great enough to go shopping after watching Friends with friends.

They also come with Google and Nest.

Google and Nest are basically home management systems that act like the Amazon Echo and will reach out towards the smart home devices. It works and it should appeal to parents whose family is under a household full of smart equipment.

It’s an answer to both DISH Network’s Alexa inclusion and AT&T’s U-VERSE TV plus Internet bundles.

The one and only catch here is that you can’t pay on a monthly basis. It’s either you agree to their 2-year contract or have none at all.

Oh and also taxes, Auto Pay, equipment charges, and other fees are still excluded from the advertised prices still.

Now those are some things we do not like.

What We Don’t Like

Hidden Fees

When will hidden fees be rid of this world full of price tags? Any plan you take is all the same – you have to pay separately for the Auto Pay activation, the taxes, the equipment charges and other fees they dare not to mention until they state it on your bill.

This is pretty much the biggest con of being a Verizon Fios subscriber along with the next one:

Contract Price Hike

If you’re settling with their contract, prepare to pay more once your 1-year/2-year/3-year contract ends.

This is why we honestly prefer having to just pay on a monthly basis unless you’re craving for their TV bundle, Visa Prepaid Card and the Gigabit free router rental.

Router Rental for the 100/100 and 300/300 plans

The Gigabit 980/800 plan will give you their router for free for the next 3 years but if you’re not looking to go with that, you’ll have to pay $10 for the router.

You can actually pay for it on a one-time basis for $149 if you do not wish to spend monthly but this is only a money-saver if you’re going to continue with them for more than a year and 3 months.

3. Comcast Xfinity - The Best in Cable Internet

Comcast Xfinity has always brought one of the best internet services in America despite some flaws that prevent them from becoming the most reliable company. If you want reliable cable ISP, you got to have this one.

With over 6 plans to choose from and a really good starting plan with fast internet speed, Xfinity is still a more trusted internet service provider versus other leading competition.

Consistent internet speeds, sturdy cable connection and just simply one of the most reliable internet services available in the country are what makes Comcast Infinity stand out versus its own competition.

Despite its issues with customer service and additional fees that are more of a turn-off than a hot date having bad breath or loud impulsive farts, Xfinity’s internet service is still good.

With 6 great plans that have lightning internet speeds to choose from, all with some benefits like apps to help you manage your internet browsing even more and free programs for network security and antivirus, Xfinity is truly a very good internet provider.

As long as you’re not picky or someone who criticizes everything about an internet provider and just want their consistent network quality, Comcast Xfinity is a bang for your buck.

What We Like

Lots of Plans to Choose From

Xfinity has the most number of plans among all internet providers in this article.

And the best part? Each of them has its own identity that make them unique from one another, giving more options and preferences for potential buyers.

  • Performance Starter: Starting at $29.99, Performance Starter is already a pretty solid deal thanks to its decent speed of 15 Mbps. If you happen to fly solo or with a very small family, this is enough to get you started.
  • Performance Plus: With a more boosted speed at 60 Mbps, Performance Plus serves as a more upgraded plan that does enough good jobs for a family or group that uses the internet every second everyday.
  • Performance Pro: If streaming and downloading movies in HD while home networking is your thing, Performance Pro is here to surely delight you with its incredible 150 Mbps.
  • Blast! Pro: With enough power to get you live streaming in the smoothest way possible or binging on Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, Blast! Pro is every critic and experienced user’s recommendation thanks to its powerful 250 Mbps that makes internet surfing feel like nothing tedious.
  • Gigabit: When you’re very hungry for internet speeds or just want more than mere mortals, you’ll want the Gigabit. For $89.99, you’re getting a ludicrous number of 1000 Mbps which is enough to power up 2 families in a household.
  • Gigabit Pro: If you’re housing a large business or probably owns NASA, then Gigabit Pro is just for you. You’ll have to pay $299.99 under a 2-year contract to get that insane number of 2,000 Mbps.

High Data Caps for All Plans; Unlimited Data for Gigabit Pro

1 TB is enough to get you playing online games all day and night or Netflix and chill for several days when you’re sick and don’t want to get up from the bed.

But if you’re a madman that bought the Gigabit Pro, Xfinity will sate your internet cravings more by adding in no data caps. Unlimited data in which you can finally reach the stars from the webz.

Internet Speed Boosts In Some Regions in the Country

While the internet speeds are incredible on their own in each plan, anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest or somewhere with the area of Houston, TX, you’re in luck – your internet speed increases 30 to 40% than Xfinity’s average speed.

That means if you have 60 Mbps, it turns into 150 Mbps while 250 Mbps becomes 400 Mbps to even up to 1,000 Mbps. You lucky bastards.

That is if you qualify for their prerequisites: your internet is bundled with other services such as Xfinity cable TV, and you have the latest X1 hardware.

What We Don’t Like

Activation Fees

Eww, activation fees, nobody likes that. Sadly, if you really want to push through with Xfinity, you’ll have to pay for this particular fee first.

Fortunately, it’s negotiable so that means you’ll be able to pay less than around $15 to $35 depending on your bartering skills.

Additional Monthly Fee Just for a Router

Yes, Xfinity does not include a router into any of their plans at all which kind of feels counter-persuasive especially after realizing you’ll have to pay $11 EVERY month for it.

They claim it’s the best router you’ll ever find and while their router does look like a small PlayStation that looks really nice, you’re better off buying bargain routers instead.

While routers may not be cheap, it’s better to pay for them once to have it forever that you’ll be able to use on other internet providers should you decide to switch to another one rather than paying on a monthly basis.

Customer Service is Just…

It’s bad. There, we said it. It’s just awful.

It’s not the worst customer service out there (Xfinity TV is the worst, though), but it’s almost to that level.

Reps can be rude, unresponsive hotline, and emailing them is like talking to a bot with 50 IQ. There are even cases where reps even lie to you with misinformation.

People tend to ignore Xfinity’s customer service and these are one of the biggest reasons why. It’s just a good thing the positives outweigh the negatives with the internet service.

If you don’t have a lot of issues with Xfinity, this is still good to go.

4. Frontier - Best Value for Your Money

If there’s any internet provider that we’d like to call The People’s Internet, it’s Frontier. It’s everything lovely as an ISP minus some of the usual imperfections.

However, the positives outweigh the negatives significantly because of how good the prices are as well as the network quality.

It’s pretty much one of, if not, the best internet company.

It’s got TV + Internet bundles that include both Fios and DISH Network plus the customer service is just one-of-a-kind delight, Frontier is just very good in whichever angle you look at.

What We Like

Plans That Are Good and Easy to Understand

Frontier has 5 plans of your choosing. Whichever you pick, it’s a sure winner thanks to equal download to upload speeds and consistent performance.

Here are the plans they have to offer:

  • Simply FIOS 50/50: 50 Mbps on both upload and download speeds, this basic plan puts other starters to shame especially since it boasts that high of a number at just a price of $40. Who wouldn’t say no to that?
  • Simply FIOS 200/200: Our most recommended; for just $50, you’ll be slapped in the face really good with 200 Mbps that’s already enough to get you watching HD movies and downloading all your favorite games. That means being able to play Red Dead Redemption 2 within minutes.
  • Simply FIOS 300/300: Gamers, live streamers, and religious Netflix viewers will want the taste of the FIOS 300 Mbps plan but for the price of $100. To us, we don’t care; you won’t get better 300 Mbps consistency that this.
  • Simply FIOS 500/500: Was 300 Mbps not enough? Alright, you savage – here’s 500 Mbps just for you to get you to do more than what you already can with 300 Mbps. That’ll be $150, please.
  • Simply FIOS 1G/1G: If you want something that’s worth $200 on a monthly basis, it has to be the 1 Gbps plan. Great for large families that love to use the internet or a handful of co-workers within your small business.

Can’t Handle Those Prices? Frontier Has Budget-Friendly Plans for you.

You don’t get to see companies make a different set of plans for the cheapskates. Here’s what they have on such low prices:

  • Internet Core: 6 Mbps for $20 a month
  • Internet Ultra: 12 Mbps for $25 a month
  • Internet Plus: 18 Mbps for $30 a month
  • Internet Elite: 25 Mbps for $35 a month
  • Internet Power: 45 Mbps for $40 a month
  • Internet Extreme: 90 Mbps for $50 a month
  • Internet Velocity: 115 Mbps for $60 a month

Awesome TV and Phone Bundles

Disclaimer: AT&T still remains as the best in TV bundle offers but that doesn’t stop the likes of Frontier from showing off the same stuff.

They got wonderful TV bundles that work well with the internet plans such as the TV Prime + 200/200 and the TV Extreme + 200/200 for $95 a month and $105 a month respectively.

If you want to go big, they got something for you too like TV Prime + 300/300 for $155 every month and TV Ultimate + 1G/1G for $280 every month.

But what if you want a phone added to the mix? They got those too! Just look at these prices and tell us if you don’t like them:

  • TV Prime + 200/200 + Phone: $100 every month
  • TV Extreme + 200/200 + Phone: $110 every month
  • TV Ultimate + 200/200 + Phone: $125 every month
  • TV Prime + 300/300 + Phone: $160 every month
  • TV Ultimate + 1G/1G + Phone: $285 every month

Unlimited POWER

That’s right, all Frontier internet plans include NO data caps at all. Everything is unlimited for you whether it’s the basic or the super duper scooper ultra mega ultimate 1G/1G plan.

Watch you want, play you want, browse you want. Nobody is going to stop you…except for your mom to tell you to go sleep after browsing for memes all night.

The Final Frontier of Customer Service

Much like Verizon Fios and AT&T Internet, Frontier’s customer service is good too. Not THAT good, mind you, but somewhat above the average and that’s good enough for anyone..

What’s best about this is that their customer care is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Now that’s dedication.

What We Don’t Like

Hidden Fees

Contrary to what we said about Frontier being The People’s Internet, Frontier does have its share of sneaky tactics to lure in more money. We’re talking about the damn hidden fees.

Equipment charges, taxes, and other fees, yep, those aren’t included in their advertised prices. Can’t some companies just realize they can still make money without having to pay extras for the consumers?

5. HughesNet - Best Satellite Internet

If you haven’t been a subscriber to Hughesnet before, it used to be such a terrible internet service. But since 2017, it has gone through a major overhaul that made this a favorable ISP for a lot of satellite subscribers.

People have been wondering this for ages since the internet has become a household utility. Why go for satellite if you can have more choices of faster speeds and lower prices on wired internet?

Because satellite internet is the most widely available type of internet for anyone in the United States. It covers all states and can be installed within just minutes after subscribing to them. Another reason is that you don’t have to worry about internet signals at all since the satellite is hovering over planet Earth – that is until bad weather comes in.

You can also bring it anywhere you go in the world as long as you’re a subscriber.

However, for the most part, people buy satellite internet because their areas do not have coverage for certain wired internet providers.

It only has 25 Mbps tops on all plans but the good news about Hughesnet is that while all the plans are on one internet speed, they’re very consistent despite the reputation of satellite internet being unreliably laggy.

What We Like

Consistent Stability

While it honestly does have some hiccups here and there, they put everything on a flat 25 Mbps to focus on the stability of the network. It sacrifices variety in favor of consistency and it shows.

Even after exceeding data limit, it still pertains the right amount of speed. It’s just a very reliable network to have.

No Hard Data Limits

It does feel cruel whenever the internet provider slams you to the wall saying “HEY BUDDY, YOU JUST WENT ACROSS THE LINE. TIME TO PAY UP!”

Hughesnet is an exception by being kinder to its consumers – when you go over the data limit, you can still use the internet at just a slightly reduced speed that’s tolerable enough to scroll through social media, watch SD quality videos and play casual online games.

Just don’t do any of those together at the same time or the reduced internet speed is really going to hurt you.

Video Data Server Technology

Simply put it, when you watch a video, it sucks up a lot of data from you.

Fortunately, Hughesnet saves you the trouble and data space by saving data from viewed videos so when you replay them, the internet data will be consumed less than half.

Bonus Data from 2 am to 8 am

To make up for just offering 25 Mbps, subscribers get an extra 50 GB every 2 am to 8 am that renews every month.

That means you can do all your downloads with the bonus 50 GB at those times without having to accumulate your original data plan.

HughesNet Overhauled Its Own System

The folks in the company call their brand-new system HughesNet Gen5 – a much-needed improvement that was established in 2017 to provide stronger satellite coverage, consistent internet speeds, and minimal latency issues.

It works and that’s why we like it.

No Price Hikes

That’s what’s really great about HughesNet: no additional fees, no activation fees, no 3-month price increase, nothing.

What they advertise is what you’ll pay.

This is one of the perks in HughesNet to make up for all their 25 Mbps-only internet plans.

Offers Business-type Internet Plans

Are you running a business and want to avail a satellite internet service for your team? HughesNet has got you covered.

Here are their internet plans for business:

  • Business 35 GB: 25 GB Daytime data + 10 GB Anytime Data; good for 2-4 persons with moderate internet usage.
  • Business 50 GB: 25 GB Daytime data + 25 GB Anytime Data; good for 5 persons with moderate internet usage.
  • Business 70 GB: 25 GB Daytime data + 50 GB Anytime Data; good for 5-9 persons with frequent internet usage.
  • Business 150 GB: 50 GB Daytime data + 100 GB Anytime Data; good for 10 persons with heavy internet usage.
  • Business 250 GB: 25 GB Daytime data + 25 GB Anytime Data; good for 10 or more persons for an internet-based business.

What We Don’t Like

Very Limited Capabilities for the User

So you have satellite internet with 50 GB. What now?

You can always stream on Netflix, play video games or watch HD videos but don’t expect to do any of these constantly till the end of the month. You may not know you’re going to need more data until that throttled speed hits you.

No Faster Internet Speed

Face it: it’s hard to get things done in America when you’ve got only 25 Mbps. Sure, you can have the internet anywhere in the world but if you’re a home-based internet user, you’re going to need more than 25 Mbps and a max of 50 GB a month.

Overpriced for What You’re Getting

At some point, it’s just not worth getting their most expensive plan if other companies have the same price but with more consistent speeds.

It’s more preferable to choose wired internet if you’re not the traveler type at all.

It Still Has Latency Issues

Its internet stability may be much better than any satellite internet provider but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. HughesNet still tends to have the same problems as its counterpart but that’s really how satellite internet providers really go.

Customer Service is Meh

It’s not the worst customer service out there but it does surely need to improve similar to their new satellite technology.

What we need is a representative who knows how to be humble and will get you out in any major problematic situation regarding internet quality.


These are the best internet providers based on their own disciplines. Each has its own set of packages, its own internet speeds, its own exclusives, and its own flaws.

Whatever you pick is definitely all up to you.

  1. AT&T Internet is favorable for TV fans thanks to their awesome bundles that come in reasonable prices plus most plans don’t have activation fees.
  2. Verizon Fios, while looking very expensive, has the best fiber optic internet versus any other competing brand.
  3. Comcast Xfinity is a hardened service that has always been sought as to be the best and most reliable cable internet provider in America.
  4. Frontier is worth every penny thanks to its wide range of internet options from their standard showcase to budget plans, and to combinations of TV + phone.
  5. HughesNet is among 2 of the most reliable satellite internet in the country. People choose HughesNet since some don’t have wired internet coverage in their area.


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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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