Xfinity Internet Review: Is it truly the best cable internet?

Xfinity Internet Review: Is it truly the best cable internet?

Comcast’s very own Xfinity has always brought one of the best internet services in America despite some flaws that prevent them from becoming the most reliable company.

With over 6 plans to choose from and a really good starting plan with fast internet speed, Xfinity is still a more trusted internet service provider versus other leading competition.

Consistent internet speeds, sturdy cable connection and just simply one of the most reliable internet services available in the country are what makes Comcast Infinity stand out versus its own competition.

In this article, we’ll be doing Comcast Xfinity internet reviews of their plans and internet prices. We’ll also be telling you which of the six plans is the most suitable for you and see what the overall verdict of Xfinity is.

There is a reason why Xfinity is part of our best internet providers that you can ever have. But does the sole cable internet able to vouch for network quality?

Also, make sure to check out our reviews on AT&T internet and Verizon Fios so you can compare each of them on an intensive scale.

Without delaying further, let’s get on with the plans:

Plans & Pricing

From an internet-savvy perspective, these look really delicious. For just $29.99 you’re already getting 15 Mbps – That’s enough to play video games online without having any lag issues while someone else in the household is watching weeaboo AMVs on YouTube.

As for package prices, they’re okay – not really cheap nor is it too expensive either, except for the Gigabit Pro but you’d have to be a madman to purchase that just for yourself; that one is better off for businesses.

Whilst there are still other services that have cheaper prices, their performances are just incomparable versus Xfinity. You see, Xfinity covers a lot in the country and depending on where you are, there’s always a high chance that Comcast’s brand is just there.

While the cable internet provider does display its prices for the potential buyers, things change a bit when you live in the Northeast or Central. For the Northeast, the price starts at $49.95 while Central starts at just $24.99. Even though the prices are different, the network quality remains the same.

As far as Xfinity packages go, each of them caters to a specific preference which we do love. The prices are reasonable if the plan hits the right mark of your purpose whether you’re gaming or just need enough speed to accommodate all 8 people in your household while they all watch Netflix or Hulu.

There are a ton of freebies to be had in each plan such as a free installation of Norton Antivirus, an Xfinity email, and social media manager, device management, and a secure one-click access to your accounts.

Just remember that all plans are only good under a contract for 1 year (except Gigabit Pro which only allows for 2 years).

Of course, despite all the good stuff it brings especially its unparalleled network quality, it fails to deliver the same when it comes to customer service and hidden fees. Yes, the two dreaded things customers hate the most.

If you’re going to purchase Xfinity, you must absolutely read every plan carefully and discuss it intensively with your rep. They’ll give out promotions, sure, but they’ll never reveal to you when they’ll end.

Because if you don’t and you think the prices on display are the only thing you’ll pay for, boy oh boy, you thought wrong.

Xfinity is also infamous for its outlandish additional fees just like its TV plans. Think of Xfinity as some sort of lowkey EA Games and their filthy microtransaction business practice:

If you need anything additional from Comcast, they’ll make you pay for it and it’s not going to cost you cheap. Whether you need a cable change, a router or more data, you’ll have to pay a lot just for that.

And yes, their router is a separate payment starting at $11 a month. They claim it’s the router you need but if you already have one or are able to get something cheaper as a one-time payment, go for the latter instead.

Oh yeah, besides the hidden and additional fees, you’ll have to pay for the activation fees too. Oh wait, they never told you that? Well, now you know.

At least it’s negotiable to the point where you can pay for a very small amount of money unlike AT&T with its fixed price that is just a sore to look at.

However, despite these sleazy business practices, you can’t deny that Xfinity does deliver really good internet quality.

You won’t even find any other company whose starting plan starts with 15 Mbps and concludes with a 2,000 Mbps plan that’s enough to power up a school.

For now, let’s look at each plan and what they offer:

Starting at $29.99, Performance Starter is already a pretty solid deal thanks to its decent speed of 15 Mbps. If you happen to fly solo or with a very small family, this is enough to get you started.

People demand high internet speeds but don’t want to spend much just for that; Hence, Xfinity brought up the Performance Starter plan. It may seem to be too slow for some folks but just remember that it’s highly worth paying for that number of speed.

Why? Because if you look at 3rd world countries, some corporations over there take advantage of the people by pricing their starters at $29.99 for a measly 3 Mbps.

You should be thankful to have the Performance Starter existing because 3rd world countrymen would fight over 15 Mbps for $29,99.

But of course, if you have more than enough budget, why not go for the next one:

With a more boosted speed at 60 Mbps, Performance Plus serves as a more upgraded plan that does enough good jobs for a family or group that uses the internet every second everyday.

$39.99 for 60 Mbps? We’d say that’s totally worth every penny.

For 60 Mbps, you can play a whole day of League of Legends without screaming at lag every so often while little sister is watching Cartoon Network over live streaming TV and mom and pops are reading the latest Neil Gaiman book online.

Comcast has said it themselves that this is the most affordable in their plans while retaining a lot of value.

It’s enough to accommodate 4 to 7 people in the household but if 60 Mbps still isn’t your thing, Xfinity has got you with something else:

If streaming and downloading movies in HD while home networking is your thing, Performance Pro is here to surely delight you with its incredible 150 Mbps.

Xfinity claims this is the “middleman” plan that’s good enough to get you what you want in entertainment. Need to catch up on Stranger Things 2 or Riverdale by downloading all the episodes in one go? It does just that.

While downloading those, it’s safe to watch a new batch of meme compilations from Grandayy or Dolan Dark, or going through a playlist of Videogamedunkey or Angryjoeshow all under a smooth stream of 1080p.

No lag, no problem. No hitches in this plan and there’s a reason why Xfinity recommends this one.

That is until you find out about the next plan which makes it the biggest recommendation by everyone:

With enough power to get you live streaming in the smoothest way possible or binging on Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, Blast! Pro is every critic and experienced user’s recommendation thanks to its powerful 250 Mbps that makes internet surfing feel like nothing tedious.

Of course, you’ll have to shell out $69.99 for that which is kind of a bit too heavy for your wallet. But just look at all the internet speeds you’re getting.

Even if there were a dozen people inside the household using the internet, there won’t be any experiences of lag whatsoever.

Downloading HD movies are no surprise to know that acquiring them under 250 Mbps will only take minutes while watching Ninja dominate the nth time on Twitch.

Mainly, this plan is made for the gamers — seamless gaming despite a huge crowd hogging the internet while even live streaming themselves.

Yes, if you’re the live streamer type, this one is definitely for you if you just want to present yourself and to your Followers in HD.

We cannot recommend any further than Blast! Pro; 15 Mbps is already enough to get you going with all the internet surfing basics but Blast! Pro goes above and beyond 20 times.

If you’re a frequent Netflix/HBO viewer or has a temper when it comes to lag, this is the safest bet you can put your money on.

When you’re very hungry for internet speeds or just want more than mere mortals, you’ll want the Gigabit. For $89.99, you’re getting a ludicrous number of 1000 Mbps which is enough to power up 2 families in a household.

If you’re living within a large family that has everyone from cousins to uncles, aunts, and grandparents, this is ideal for you. This also works well for a small business company who needs its employees to have access to the internet.

But if you’re just a small family or just alone, this is just too much. What else is there to say if the peak of internet usage for a medium-sized family only needs at least 250 Mbps for an equal share of decent internet quality?

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re housing a large business or probably owns NASA, then Gigabit Pro is just for you. You’ll have to pay $299.99 under a 2-year contract to get that insane number of 2,000 Mbps.

Let’s face it: you won’t need this unless you do have a large company (that gains mad numbers of revenue, btw) because why else would you need that much internet speed that can make Elon Musk lift an eyebrow?

15 Mbps is already too good to be true, but 2,000 Mbps? Holy crap that is just utterly ridiculous.

You’d only get this for yourself if you’re swimming in a pool of money or just have a non-existent mental issue of pride over internet speeds to make everyone jealous.

Now that we’ve covered every plan in their system, let’s talk about their speed and data

Overall Speed and Data Caps

As what we have already covered, all of Xfinity’s plans have incredible internet speeds that The Flash will approve. But while it does have great internet responsiveness, Xfinity has a data cap for every plan.

Speed Boost

While the internet speeds are incredible on their own in each plan, anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest or somewhere with the area of Houston, TX, you’re in luck – your internet speed increases 30 to 40% than Xfinity’s average speed.

That means if you have 60 Mbps, it turns into 150 Mbps while 250 Mbps becomes 400 Mbps to even up to 1,000 Mbps. You lucky bastards.

That is if you qualify for their pre-requisites: your internet is bundled with other services such as Xfinity cable TV, and you have the latest X1 hardware.

Data Caps

Wait, before you get mad about it, we’ll let you know that it’s at 1,000 GB or 1 TB that resets per month – which is more than enough to watch hours and hours of Game of Thrones or play the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 all day and night.

But should the data cap exceed, you’ll need to pay an extra $10 for every 50 GB until the data cap resets on the following month. This can only happen for when you’re with a large family or a dorm with lots of roommates.

Fees and Contracts

Do you remember earlier in this article that Comcast is lowkey mirroring what EA Games is doing by adding so many pricey fees into the small stuff? Yeah we’ll have to remind you on that.

The biggest downside of being an Xfinity subscriber (besides the customer service) is the number of additional, and sometimes hidden fees. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by their additional payments, you’ll have to really find the fine print right between the lines as they’re never 100% honest with their costs.

Just look at the potential things you must or might have to pay:

Activation Fees

Eww, activation fees, nobody likes that. Sadly, if you really want to push through with Xfinity, you’ll have to pay for this particular fee first.

Fortunately, it’s negotiable so that means you’ll be able to pay less than around $15 to $35 depending on your bartering skills.

A Router

Yes, Xfinity does not include a router into any of their plans at all which kind of feels counter-persuasive especially after realizing you’ll have to pay $11 EVERY month for it.

They claim it’s the best router you’ll ever find and while their router does look like a small PlayStation that looks really nice, you’re better off buying bargain routers instead.

While routers may not be cheap, it’s better to pay for them once to have it forever that you’ll be able to use on other internet providers should you decide to switch to another one rather than paying on a monthly basis.

Seriously, a high-end router may cost you as much as $99.99 but that’s still better than paying for their router on a separate $11 for it for 12 months or beyond.

That’s already $99 on your 9th month and will still have to be paid for for the succeeding days.

Termination Fees

If ever you’ve had enough between you and Xfinity while under a contract just like a break-up with a girlfriend/boyfriend, you’ll have to pay for that.

Yes, you’ll have to do so when you’re still under the contract and it’s not going to be easy. Sure, it’s fair having to pay to terminate the connection between you and Xfinity but holy crap you’re not going to like it.

While they may disconnect you immediately, you’re still going to have to pay for the remaining months until the contract between you and them ends. They’re not even listing the prices – something we fear that it’s going to cost a lot more money than originally being with them.

That’s why you have the first 30 days to cancel without any penalty fee after signing up with Xfinity. Once you sign on their contract, you’ll have to bear with them whether you like it or not.

No-Contract Plan

Yes, you may opt to subscribe to Xfinity without having to agree with the 1-year plan, just like how their tv service provider does.

Just don’t expect to pay the normal price. What you’ll pay for is $10 more than the usual and the router, if you’ve decided to pay monthly, still won’t be bought for a one-time payment.

Our advice is to just stick with the contract payment instead. At least you’ll be free from their services after a year and get to decide to stay or choose another one.

Customer Service

It’s bad. There, we said it. It’s just awful.

It’s not the worst customer service out there (Xfinity TV is the worst, though), but it’s almost to that level.

Reps can be rude, unresponsive hotline, and emailing them is like talking to a bot with 50 IQ. There are even cases where reps even lie to you with misinformation.

People tend to ignore Xfinity’s customer service and these are one of the biggest reasons why. It’s just a good thing the positives outweigh the negatives with the internet service.

If you don’t have a lot of issues with Xfinity, this is still good to go.

Is Xfinity Cable Internet Good?

Despite its issues with customer service and additional fees that are more of a turn-off than a hot date having bad breath or loud impulsive farts, Xfinity’s internet service is still good.

Just remember that the pros outweigh the cons, just like we said earlier.

With 6 great plans that have lightning internet speeds to choose from, all with some benefits like apps to help you manage your internet browsing even more and free programs for network security and antivirus, Xfinity is truly a very good internet provider.

As long as you’re not picky or someone who criticizes everything about an internet provider and just want their consistent network quality, Comcast Xfinity is a bang for your buck.


  • Highly sturdy cable connectivity
  • Available nationwide
  • Reasonable prices in exchange for awesome internet speeds
  • Lots of internet plans to choose from
  • Starting plan has a good intro of 15 Mbps
  • Blast! Pro is the most ideal connection for its 250 Mbps


  • Additional fees
  • Hidden fees
  • Activation fee
  • Expensive termination fees
  • Promos expire without letting you know
  • Customer service


What type of modem does Xfinity provide for $11 a month?

That depends upon your purchase. If you subscribe to anything from Performance Starter to Performance Pro, they’ll give you their basic modem with the latest X1 tech.

If it’s from Blast! Pro to Gigabit Pro, they’ll offer you their top-of-the-line router. Check their internet support page for more details.

Will any router work with Xfinity if I don’t buy their $11/month router?

Yes you can, but we highly advise that you purchase the NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router as this can work on any internet provider in case you stopped with Xfinity. It also pays for itself especially when it’s on the 9th month with your Xfinity plan as that would have amounted the same if you bough the $11/month router.

Does the internet speed increase to 30-40% if I live near Houston, TX or the Pacific Northwest?

Unfortunately, Xfinity doesn’t have the exact coordinates if nearby towns or areas around these two regions still have the increased internet speed perk.

You’ll have to talk to their customer service.


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