AT&T Expands Public WiFi

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AT&T is expanding Wi-Fi access for its subscribers in New York and introducing it in San Francisco, notes the Associated Press

AT&T will expand Wi-Fi hot spots in New York’s Times Square just ahead of New Year’s celebrations and is also deploying its first hot spots in a public, outdoor area of San Francisco, the Embarcadero waterfront district.

AT&T operates hot spots in hotels, airports, Starbucks coffee shops and other indoor locations. The new “hot zones,” as AT&T calls them, cover public, outdoor spaces and provide fast data service for AT&T subscribers. They also divert traffic from the company’s cellular network, that can sometimes be overloaded due largely to traffic generated by the popular iPhone.

AT&T set up a hot zone in Times Square in May, and later in downtown Charlotte, N.C., and Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood.Chief Technology Officer John Donovan said the company plans further Wi-Fi expansions, including in sports stadiums. AT&T’s smart-phone and landline broadband subscriber can use the zones for free. Usage doesn’t count toward monthly data limits.

According to AT&T , 106.9 million Wi-Fi connections were made in the last quarter across more than 23,000 AT&T hotspots throughout the U.S.

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