iPhone5 Praised, Maps Damned

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The iPhone 5 reviews are in, and they are overwhelmingly positive (except for those damn maps).

David Pogue (NYT), Walt Mossberg (WSJ), C/Net, Engadget, Pocket Lint, TechCrunch, The Guardian, USA Today and others all raved about the speed, thickness, weight and design.

iFixit began their teardown an hour after the iPhone 5 launched in Australia

IHS iSuppli promoted their “virtual teardown“, which analyses information from suppliers. ISuppli says that indicated the iPhone 5 carries a bill of materials (BOM) of $199.00 for the low-end model.

When the $8.00 manufacturing cost is added in, the cost to produce the iPhone 5 rises to $207.00. For the 32Gbyte version of the iPhone 5, the BOM cost increases to $209.00, while 64Gbyte version is estimated at $230.00, as presented in the table above.

But the company’s new mapping module in iOS 6 is getting no love. Tumbler has some examples of the Amazing IOS-6 Maps.

“Apple’s decision to swap out Google Maps is a rare example of the company openly placing its own interests above those of its customers,” write Nilay Patel and Adi Robertson in The Verge.

The problems are particularly bad outside of the US. Map detail might be lacking in some American cities, but London, Beijing, and Tokyo are virtually blank, and several major landmarks are labeled inaccurately or wildly misplaced. Satellite views are on par with Google in the US; internationally, they may well be obscured by clouds. C/Net has a FAQ

Google has an iOS 6 Maps app awaiting approval. But it is solely up to Apple to approve.

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