T-Mobile Android: Unlocked

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Engadget says T-Mobile’s G1 is now anyone’s game.

Thanks to the kids over at Unlock T-Mobile G1, any owner with a few spare moments and $22.99 can open their handset up for use on AT&T or any other GSM network across the globe.

Prospective unlockers simply hand over the aforementioned cash and their IMEI code (scary, we know), and in return they receive an eight-digit unlock code that frees it from the bonds of T-Mobile.

According to AndroidCommunity.com, initial tests have shown that calling and texting work just fine on non-native networks, but the inability to even login to Gmail (and thus, the Android Market, etc.) puts a real damper on things.

In other news, The AndroidGuys say that OpenMoko is working with the Android platform and hope to have something operational as soon as November.

OpenMoko is available in the Neo 1973 (made by FIC) and can also run the Qtopia platform. OpenMoko is named after the inventor of the mobile phone, Martin Cooper.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at 11:05 am .

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