Sprint Phone Plan Review 2019: What You Need To Know Before Subscribing

Sprint is one of America’s leading phone network companies among the Big Four. Within those ranks are VerizonT-Mobile and AT&T.

For years, while Sprint is a good network company, it’s still far away from its competition when it comes to overall performance, great coverage, and internet speed.

But what makes Sprint better than the rest in the big companies are the prices. People love Sprint prices as they are much more affordable and its customer service, while it’s not perfect, is the best among them.

If you’re here in search of which network is the best, we’ve got you covered with our reviews for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Also check out our guide on The 7 Best Cell Phone Plans if you want to see the best of the best.

Without further ado, here is our review for Sprint.

As with our other reviews, we’ll be looking at the prices and features of each plan they have, and tally in the most highly recommended that’s suitable for you.

Sprint may not offer as much as AT&T when it comes to plans, however you should still take a look at what Sprint has for potential customers.

Plans & Pricing

As you can see, the prices are quite good compared to other brands. In fact, they’re so proud of their prices, they’ve always compared their monthly costs versus other companies.

Not to mention they’re also discounted by AutoPay too from $5 to $10.

If you ask us if they’re worth it, they really are. Compare it to Verizon, there’s a huge gap already especially when it comes to their flagship unlimited plan, the Unlimited Plus.

However, if you have a family or a group and need additional lines set-up, you’re in luck. The 4th and 5th lines are for free and if you’re opting for a 5th line, it’s only going to cost you $24/month per line.

But if you exclude the prepaid and Unlimited Freedom Plan and comparing the likes of Unlimited Plus versus other networks, purchasing Sprint is a financial grace. This is especially more cost-efficient for families than the likes of AT&T or Verizon.

Overall, the best prices here are the cheaper unlimited plans of the Basic and Plus versus its competition.

If you look on the outside, you’d think hey that’s pretty good. That’s until you realize none of them have any available unthrottled data at all, but that’s not a big deal since it at least doesn’t have any overages.

  • 2GB–Autoplan $5 discount

Before we go diving into the 3 major unlimited plans, we just would like to point out that 2GB is just the very basic stuff of Sprint: Unlimited calls, text, and data under 2GB.

While Unlimited Plus really is a good unlimited plan, we’ve always had doubts with their lowest tier plan–the 2GB starter.

You pay $40 as a starter but 2GB wouldn’t really be enough even if the unlimited calls and texts are present there. It’d be better off going with MetroPCS’ $30 prepaid plan–$30 for the first 2GB.

Now that we have that out of our way, it’s time to start comparing each phone plan.

  • Unlimited Basic–Autoplan $5 discount, SD streaming, Hulu, 500MB mobile hotspot, unlimited data, call and text worldwide, global roaming

Unlimited Basic is a close second to Unlimited Plus only due to the lack of HD streaming and the frustrating 500MB mobile data hotspot. Great for 1 line, bad for a group.

At the very least, it’s just $60/month on one line. Many, however, have argued that the Basic plan is terrible due to the lack of features and the insufficiency as a family plan.

It doesn’t work effectively if most of your family members are addicted to surfing the net via mobile data. 500MB later, the slowdown begins to show.

But if you’re flying solo, sure you can get the Basic plan and have Hulu and the 500 MB all by yourself which is fantastic. Although it’s still a bit of an exolete offer.

  • Unlimited Plus–Autoplan $5 discount, 1080p HD streaming, Hulu, TIDAL music streaming, 15GB LTE mobile hotspot, unlimited data, call and text worldwide, global roaming

On the contrary, Unlimited Plus is where Sprint shines the most.

Sprint’s Unlimited Plus is just $15 versus Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited as well as T-Mobile’s ONE Plus.

Unlimited Plus really is a great plan when it comes to balanced features for its price. Sure, it doesn’t have the same goodness as the likes of Verizon Beyond Unlimited but look: 1080p streaming. Great for the mobile potato couches indeed.

If you’re a gamer too, you should consider this plan as it even has an additional 8 Mbps for gaming.

You like streaming music on TIDAL? You get 1.5 Mbps for that.

It’s a win-win situation especially for the teens and young adults who prefer other media than TV. Hulu’s good but the inclusion of additional speeds for separate entertainment reasons are better.

In our previous article of the Top 7 Best Mobile Plans, we’ve listed the Unlimited Plus in it as a great choice for parents who don’t mind spending for their teenager or for the casual phone user who likes decent speed in gaming and music while not minding the sophistication of competing networks like Verizon or AT&T.

Here’s what we had to say:

“The unlimited data is great for the casual phone users as it has a decent 10GB of unlimited text and calls plus 15GB LTE for mobile hotspot. Great for whenever you need to finish a quick homework or browse for research while on the go.

Perhaps the most stand-out feature for streaming here is the allowance for 1080p HD quality which is just a blessing for such a price. You even get a Hulu + TIDAL bundle along too.

You even get streaming gaming up to 8 Mbps and streaming music for 1.5 Mbps. As for another usage, it’s all high-speed. It’s totally not a bad deal at all.

Overages are one of the modern parents’ worst nightmares due to their kids going above and beyond the limited data just to watch a Netflix show like Insatiable or Riverdale, or seeing Ninja get his 5000th win on Fortnite on Twitch. Fortunately, there are no overages in this plan.”

Whether you need to watch the next best show on Hulu at crisp 1080p or wanting to play a quick game of League of Legends while listening to a nightcore playlist on Spotify, you’re good to go here.

  • Unlimited Premium–Autoplan $5 discount, 1080p HD streaming, Hulu, TIDAL music streaming, Amazon Prime and Lookout Premium Plus, 50GB LTE mobile hotspot, unlimited data, call and text worldwide, global roaming

Unlimited Premium is a bit of shaky decision for us: at $90, you’d expect a much larger LTE hotspot data than 50GB and additional unthrottled data but that’s absent in this plan.

Now as for Unlimited Premium, sure the addition of Amazon Prime and Lookout Premium Plus are nice but it would rather be a better Sprint cellular plan if it had opted for unthrottled 4G LTE data.

This one is more of the shopper’s type of plan thanks to the Amazon Prime and Lookout Premium Plus.

50GB is nice but something like T-Mobile ONE is much better in terms of both network speed and price.

Other networks have done it. Why can’t Sprint?

Contrary to what we said about Sprint being budget-friendlier, the Unlimited Premium seems too overpriced for its offers.

In short, among all the perks for unlimited each plan, it’s Unlimited Plus that takes the cake.

And then there’s the other plan: the Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan. It’s recommended for newcomers but we won’t be elaborating this much–think of it as an inferior version of the Unlimited Basic.

Nothing much to see here, folks. Carry on.

  • Sprint Forward–unlimited calls, texts and either 4GB data or unlimited data

Another one is in the mix too which is the prepaid plan aka Sprint Forward. Now while it does exist and it costs $40/mo, there’s nothing quite extravagant about it but it’s still a better price than Verizon’s.

Also, $40 a month for prepaid is still better than its competition in the Big Four. Sure it may look a bit too high and more than MetroPCS but we honestly recommend it more than the likes of T-Mobile ONE prepaid.

Their prepaid is more of a miscellaneous idea and is only good if you’re in an area that’s covered by them. There are two plans: the 4GB and the Unlimited.

For $40 per month and you get nothing much out of it except 4GB of data which also includes calls and texts.

It sounds pretty decent but you can get a much better bargain for a price especially with the likes of MetroPCS.

As for the unlimited prepaid, it speaks for itself.

Yes, you may opt to add more lines in starting at $30 for the second line in the 4GB plan and $40 per line for the unlimited plan. Not as good as MetroPCS but still better than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile combined.

Sprint Mobile Phones and Devices

Sprint is no stranger when it comes to selling the best and latest phones in the market today. Combined with adequate plans that are suitable for the phones as well as having the option to pay monthly or annually, becoming a Sprint user is as easy as 1-2-3.

You can find all the latest tech in Sprint except for one lineup: the Google Pixel. Sprint doesn’t sell nor support the device so if you want a Google Pixel, head over to Verizon or T-Mobile instead.

Here are a few examples from their phone showcase as of October 2, 2019:

Coverage Review

It’s quite unfortunate to say that Sprint has the least coverage in America.

You will need to check out the latest coverage map of Sprint to see if you’re on the right track.

Since it doesn’t cover as much as Verizon or at least like AT&T, traveling with Sprint tends to be a hassle.

Some areas will work such as in major metro areas but when you go to countrysides and small towns, Sprint’s weakness begins to show.

Now let’s look at the Sprint cell coverage.

Here is a detailed Sprint Service Map courtesy of Reddit user u/Corporate_Pro in the r/Sprint subreddit:

Sprint Service Map

As you can see, the coverage itself isn’t quite vast. Just look at the pockets of uncovered areas here.

Sure, this may look bad, but you have to hand it to Sprint’s honesty and not blatantly telling everyone they have the whole country covered.

If you’re in the area, take Sprint into your consideration. If not, Verizon is a sure answer.

Check out their updated map just to be sure.

Customer Service

Telecom companies always got it bad when it comes to the reputation of the customer service. It wouldn’t be surprising if Sprint’s customer care was the same but lo and behold, it does much better than Verizon and AT&T.

There are still some improvements needed but among the Big Four networks, you have got to hand it to Sprint for being above and beyond with their customer service especially in physical stores.

But for what Sprint is good at when it comes to pricing and cheaper line additions, they lack for in coverage and consistency.

Is Sprint Good?

In a lot of ways, yes it is.

People don’t choose Sprint for no reasons: With cheaper plans compared to the likes of Verizon and T-Mobile along with a good bundle of perks per plan, it’s a good choice.

Just make sure that your area is covered by Sprint or else you’d have just wasted your money.


  • Very affordable compared to its competition
  • Additional lines cost less than other companies
  • Offers seasonal discount promos especially on Family Plans
  • Unlimited plans have 1080p HD streaming
  • Has the latest phones in the market to sell along with great bundles
  • Decent customer service compared to its competition


  • Inconsistent network speed
  • Lesser plans but are more complicated than its competitors
  • Lacks in coverage
  • Weak network

To wrap up the case, yes, Sprint service is very good in its own terms.

It may not be the best in network provision or coverage, but their non-overage payments, eye candy prices, good selection of perks and discounts are some of the most highlighted reasons why people appreciate Sprint.

It’s high-end but it’s the kind of high-end that  anyone who plans on saving money can still afford.

Let’s highlight the top 10 benefits and factors of Sprint once again:

  1. Affordable prices versus other leading telecom companies
  2. Unlimited Basic is a good starter unlimited plan especially if you don’t mind not having 1080p streaming
  3. 4th and 5th lines in any unlimited data plan are free, making all 3 of them eligible for family plans
  4. 2GB and Unlimited Premium’s lack of perks aren’t worth the money
  5. Unlimited Plus is a good phone plan for anyone who wants a high-end unlimited plan without having to pay a lot
  6. Both 4GB and Unlimited prepaid plans are much better than its rivals in the Big Four
  7. Adequate Sprint phones that come along with some good discounts
  8. Inconsistent network speed
  9. Lacking in nationwide coverage

A decent customer service


Are Sprint’s prices really cheaper than the leading brands?

When you’re talking about Verizon, AT&T and even T-Mobile, you can’t help but feel like they’re too expensive.

Sprint changes the way people think about high-end phone carriers by providing with more subtle prices that offer really good plans especially for its unlimited service.

Is it true that additional lines cost less in Sprint?

It really sucks that high-end telecom companies have a huge price gap once you want to add another line for the carrier.

In the case of Sprint, those troubles are non-existent since Sprint offers the cheapest additional line fee. We’re talking as low as $24 per line.4th and 5th lines are free.

It’s beneficial for a group to subscribe to Sprint, specifically for its family plan.

You get big savings when you add in a 4th or 5th line into the mix as the last two lines will be free, resulting into a more cost-efficient payment of only $24 a month.

Do all unlimited plans have HD streaming?

Unlimited Basic doesn’t.

However, if you’re opting for the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium, Sprint will spoil you with lots of entertainment goodies but most of all, give you the glorious 1080p HD magic that you deserve.

How consistent is Sprint’s mobile speed?

There will be days when the streaming is smooth as butter and there will be days where you’re stuck buffering while Tobey Maguire does that weird smirk as emo Peter Parker in Spiderman 3.

Sprint hasn’t been known for its coherent network speeds unlike Verizon or AT&T and it still comes to show even to its brightest unlimited plan.

Are Sprint’s cell phone plans as simple as other leading carriers?

Contrary to what we have said about T-Mobile’s simpler layout on their phone plans, Sprint also has just a handful of decent plans. If you’re not looking to buy the Unlimited Plus, then the rest will be a hard choice.

Not to mention some plans will get you to thinking before comprehending what they’re supposed to be in the end just like how Unlimited Freedom and Unlimited Basic are similar in features but different in pricing.

Are all Sprint cell phone plans cheap and worth it?

We’ll get real with you right now: we know we’ve told you that Sprint is good if you’re on a low budget but if you avail their premium unlimited plan or even their prepaid plan, you might want to give second thoughts.

Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus are right on the money but if you’re going to throw out much money on the Premium, might as well just go for T-Mobile that costs less and provides better network.


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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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Sam Churchill
Sam Churchill is the founder and editorial in chief at Daily Wireless. He has spent more than 2 decades blogging about all forms of wireless communications.

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