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If you’re looking for fast speeds and unlimited plan prices with no gotchas, T-Mobile is a clear winner. But its spotty coverage in rural areas keeps it from a full 5 stars.

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If simplicity is the name of your game, then we’ve got a treat for you.

T-Mobile, one of the leading telecom companies in America, is at the forefront of being a simple but effective cell phone service for its customers.

With plans that are easy to understand and their honesty for including all the taxes and fees within the plans that still seem to be much cheaper compared to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, T-Mobile is a shining example of posh simplicity minus the high price.

If you’re here in search of which network is the best, we’ve got you covered with our reviews for VerizonAT&T and Sprint.

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Without further ado, here is our review for T-Mobile.

Plans & Pricing

These include the T-Mobile ONE and T-Mobile ONE Plus: the network’s flagship plans that have always gained positive reviews.

Others in this list are the Unlimited 55+ and ONE Military–special discounted unlimited plans for senior citizens and military personnel.

Also within the list are the shared plan aka Essentials and Prepaid.

This is the starting lineup and the basic version of the ONE Plus. However, unlike other plans, this offers a lot more just for a basic plan, similar to AT&T’s &More unlimited plan.

They used the term ONE as a direct attack to its competition: as in one plan that includes everything from taxes and fees as well as bundles without the bull.

The 50GB is enough but added Netflix for 2+ lines for free? Now that’s just generous.

T-Mobile ONE comes in line with Sprint’s Unlimited Basic for its more affordable price versus AT&T and Verizon.

But for the price you pay, you gain a lot more than the usual bargain. They’re generous enough to include a lot of good stuff that you won’t find in major basic unlimited plans.

The basic ONE does not shy away with lots of goodies for at least 2 lines. If you’re going for just one line, it isn’t bad per se. It’s just better with a couple more.

First off, if you’re planning on getting the free Netflix subscription, you’ll need 2 lines.

$120/mo plus added Netflix? That’s good enough for anyone who just wants to binge watch all day minus worrying about having to pay a lot by the end of the month.

It’s good to purchase this if you and your loved one wants to binge on Netflix while not minding the SD quality streaming.

But of course, you can only watch up to 480p SD quality but hey at least you’ll be updated with the latest episode of 13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things.

You’ll also get a 3G mobile hotspot too. Decent stuff and it’s much better than having to struggle with a 2G LTE mobile hotspot + throttling.

As for communication purposes, of course you’re getting unlimited calls, texts and data, unlimited call and text in Canada and Mexico that has a bonus 5GB worth of 4G data and in-flight texting plus 1 hour of data.

Not bad for a starter unlimited plan, right?

Although why settle for this when you can go for something bigger and better from bottom to top?

Introducing the final boss of T-Mobile.

ONE Plus is arguably one of the best unlimited plans to ever exist and we’re glad that T-Mobile is so generous when it comes to giving out awesome freebies for such a lower price versus other competing unlimited plans.

There’s just only a $10 price gap between this and the basic ONE but just look at how much else it has over the former:

  • 1080p streaming
  • unlimited in-flight wifi
  • added 10GB of 4G LTE data for the mobile hotspot
  • inclusion of voicemail to text
  • Ability to check out unknown caller IDs.

Is it worth at least $140/mo for the free Netflix and the HD streaming? Of course it is.

It may not have the same amount of discounts and apps like AT&T’s &More Premium does (in reality, you’re paying separately for their internet TV streaming plus taxes and activation fees), but what it does is controlled quality.

On our previous article on the Top 7 Best Cell Phone Plans, we’ve included the T-Mobile ONE Plus in as the best unlimited plan in this list. Here’s what we had to say that time:

“T-Mobile is still one of the leading telecoms in America alone, boasting a good range of plans that are worth the money. But if there’s one that really stands out the most, it’s their ONE Plus plan.

And with that plan comes with plenty of added bonuses.

Layers of Fantastic Perks

Among every plan in this list, this has to have the most freebies for the subscriber. What are we talking about? Here they are:

  • 1080p HD Streaming
  • Extra 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • Gogo-enabled flights that allow unlimited texting and limitless Wi-Fi
  • Add an optional ONE Plus International plan for an additional cost that’s affordable

High-Level Cap for Its Price

50GB unthrottled data is provided for the subscribers from the get-go. For its price, it’s way worth it since other companies would cost more for 50GB.

It may not be like Verizon’s Above Unlimited with 75GB but this is still a sure winner for anyone looking for a more high-end phone plan.


Yes, T-Mobile has the taxes and fees included already within the plan which makes this even a worthier competing plan versus other more expensive phone plans.

No need to worry about the IRS knocking on your door just to pay for this one at all.”

Is that enough to persuade you for making this the best unlimited plan?

Because if it all boils down to the flexibility and balance between communication perks and entertainment perks, this is one of, if not, the most righteous unlimited plan you’re ever going to get.

That’s where T-Mobile really shines the most versus even the likes of Verizon.

Now let’s go over to its special plans: the Unlimited 55+ and ONE Military.

Who said senior citizens won’t get any of that good cell phone stuff?

T-Mobile presents the Unlimited 55+: a wonderful and affordable plan for the elderly who wants to acquire the same benefits of the young’uns who take advantage of the ONE plan.

Just by looking at their plan, they’re magnanimous into providing a bunch of the same great content of the ONE plans.

If you compare the 2 lines for $70/month versus AT&T’s unlimited and Verizon’s Go Unlimited, you’ll go yikes:

AT&T Unlimited &More costs $115/mo for 2 lines with the exclusion of taxes and fees.

Verizon Go Unlimited costs $130/mo for 2 lines plus taxes and fees.

But for T-Mobile? Just $70/mo for 2 lines and that already includes all taxes and fees.

As for the perks, it’s pretty much the same as ONE:

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data
  • Streaming at 480p SD quality
  • In-flight texting + 1 hour data for Gogo-enabled flights
  • 3G mobile hotspot

It’s a bummer that Netflix isn’t included here, but we’d like to assume that senior citizens don’t mind not having that.

If you have parents or relatives or even you who are 55 and above, don’t settle for anything else. Trust us.

Both active and retired military personnel are given the option to subscribe for the T-Mobile ONE Military.

It has the same elements of the Unlimited 55+ but with the inclusion of Netflix.

But the best part?

Its pricing starts from $55/month.

Great pricing, if you ask us. What the veteran will get are, just as previously mentioned, just like Unlimited 55+.

Just look at the perks of this one:

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data
  • Streaming at 480p SD quality
  • In-flight texting + 1 hour data for Gogo-enabled flights
  • 3G mobile hotspot
  • Netflix

We don’t need to be extensive on this subject anymore except for the Netflix part.

For that, you’ll get the standard 2-screen subscription for any compatible device including the TV.

T-Mobile does have a great way to show honor to the men and women who have fought bravely for their country.

It’s a no-brainer to get this. No other network company has the same benefits for veterans.

Now next: Essentials and Prepaid. We don’t need to breakdown the former extensively as it’s honestly just par versus other competing brands.

There’s only one kind of family plan/shared plan for T-Mobile and that’s Essentials. It was just recently created in August 2019 and quite frankly, it doesn’t impress at all.

It’s not bad per se, it’s just that it has a much-needed improvement that has potential to be a budget mobile plan.

Maybe someday soon they’ll be able to improve on this platform to make it more family-friendly for everyone in the household.

However, the biggest and best highlight here is that it’s much cheaper than Verizon or AT&T’s shared plans so kudos to that, at least.

Just as the name goes, it’s the same T-Mobile goodness but only the primary parts included: unlimited calls and texts, unlimited 3G hotspot data (with an optional $10/month for 10GB), international calls and texts, and a limited 4G LTE data.

Now you may think $30/line for 4 lines every month is okay but honestly, you can get a much better family plan than that. The most questionable part, however, is the exclusion of taxes and fees.

Sprint and AT&T have the better ones but if you want the family-friendliest plan, no else does it better than MetroPCS.

Prepaid Plan

Lastly in this article is the T-Mobile prepaid plan. While it’s not as bad as some deem it to be, it’s certain not very good either. It’s broken down into two prepaid plans: ONE Prepaid and Simply Prepaid

In a very short sentence, it’s just not worth ONE Prepaid. Yes, sure you can save up some money here but if you’re going for ONE quality, why not just go all-in with the unlimited plan instead.

The one we’d like to talk about is the Simply Prepaid plan. It’s a much better plan than the ONE prepaid, to be honest, but you’re still paying a lot just for prepaid.

Sure, you’re paying for the 4G LTE data but only on a very limited cap. However it’s still a better prepaid plan than, let’s say, Verizon, AT&T or even Sprint.

If you really want the best prepaid, go with MetroPCS if you’re not planning on getting the 4G LTE anyway.

Yes, both are ideal for individual plans and no, they’re not eligible for additional lines. You’ll have to have a new plan per line and if that’s the case, just go with the ONE Plus instead.

It makes you wonder why T-Mobile has made the prepaid and Essentials very mediocre but we’d like to assume that’s because they really want you to focus on their ONE unlimited plan.

We can’t blame them for it. ONE and ONE Plus are really good plans anyway.

T-Mobile Phones & Devices

Just as any major telecom company, they do sell the latest phones too. If you don’t fancy the mainstream and expensive ones, they have older models on sale too.

You can either buy the phone on a full price or pay monthly for 24 months.

If you’re too excited to wait for the phone to arrive, T-Mobile has a scheduled appointment system so all you have to do is skip the line and have your representative give you the phone directly.

Check out their whole lineup of phones from the latest to the classics right here.

Here are a few examples from their phone showcase as of October 2, 2019:

Coverage Review

As far as T-Mobile is good when it comes to services as well as with their network itself, coverage is honestly not that great, especially if you’re in the rural areas.

That’s because if you aren’t living in a major city, especially in the countryside, T-Mobile signals are weak.

In fact, it’s highly advisable to pick any other network than T-Mobile if you’re a frequent traveler and cross-country explorer.

Here is the coverage map image taken in October 2, 2019:

T-mobile coverage map

If you would like to zoom in more to see the smaller details of the map, check out their official coverage page.

Customer Service

Contrary to the mediocrity of phone customer service, T-Mobile has a slight one-up versus the others. It’s not the best but it’s much more decent than other carriers.

We’ll admit that the landline contact is still meh but their physical store is where it’s all about. The staff there are so nice and helpful, you’d feel like a VIP. Really.

With all these awesome elements about T-Mobile, you’d think it’s the perfect network. But just like any other network, they do have some issues such as bad area coverage and other plans besides the ONE and ONE Plus being a bit underwhelming.

Is T-Mobile Good?

So now the question remains: is T-Mobile good?

Yes, indeed. It’s still a great carrier compared to its major rivals.

But that is if and only if you subscribe to either

ONE, ONE Plus, ONE Military or Unlimited 55+.

As long as your area is covered by T-Mobile, you’ll get to experience T-Mobile’s impressive network performance as well as its perks.


  • 4G LTE speeds that will make you say wow
  • Simplified plans that are easier to choose versus other networks
  • Competent unlimited plans that offer so much for a lower cost
  • Taxes and fees are already included in all plans except Essentials plan
  • Extendable up to 12 lines
  • Provides great plans with reasonable prices for the elderly and veterans
  • Good customer service in physical stores


  • Nothing much else for the prepaid plan
  • Underwhelming coverage in rural parts of the country
  • Essentials does not include the taxes and fees yet

Nevertheless, T-Mobile is a remarkable network that provides one of the best in unlimited data plans. If you ignore its bland Essentials and prepaid plans, all you’re left here is an honest network with good performance.

Just make sure your area is covered.

Let’s go back to the important aspects about T-Mobile:

  1. Great and consistent 4G LTE data speed
  2. No overage at all
  3. All prices are inclusive of taxes and fees except for Essentials
  4. ONE is a great starter compared to other brands
  5. ONE Plus is T-Mobile’s cream of the crop that offers the best in both entertainment and mobile communication
  6. T-Mobile offers a discounted unlimited plan for senior citizens
  7. They also offer a discounted unlimited plan plus Netflix for the veterans
  8. Essentials needs some more improvement
  9. Don’t bother with their prepaid plans
  10. Great customer care in physical stores


Doesn’t T-Mobile have more plans than the ones mentioned in this review?

T-Mobile used to have plans here and there aplenty like AT&T but they’ve broken them down into more concise offers that make it easier for both the customer and T-Mobile itself.

Their core plans are the T-Mobile ONE and the T-Mobile ONE Plus–two unlimited plans which are the culmination of all their previous plans but done much better.

They also have a prepaid plan, a shareable plan, and special plans for both elderly and veterans, which are quite generous.

How fast is T-Mobile’s mobile internet speed?

Without a doubt, T-Mobile goes neck and neck with Verizon when it comes to being the best in 4G LTE data. Compare this versus AT&T and Sprint, T-Mobile’s 4G speed surpasses them by a mile.

Is it true that I get 50 GB just from the basic unlimited plan?

From the get-go of T-Mobile ONE, you already get a default 50GB of 4G LTE data on your smartphone. Verizon can only go up to 22GB with their unlimited plan while AT&T offers no 4G LTE data at all.

That’s enough reason to consider T-Mobile to be your choice for an unlimited plan that’s worth every penny.

Do all the prices include an AutoPay discount?

Just like AT&T, they have discounts for any user who agrees with the autopay system. You get to save as much as $10 per line each month. Check out how the discount works.

Other carriers always have hidden fees and excluded taxes. Is T-Mobile really honest with their upfront prices?

Don’t you just hate it when you think a cell phone plan is affordable enough for you and your family only to realize they didn’t include the taxes and fees on display? Well, T-Mobile doesn’t play that kind of ball game.

Not saying that the other companies are liars but while others technically still say there are additional fees only in the fine print or only once you’ve subscribed, T-Mobile tells it to you directly that taxes and fees are included in the prices.

And if you calculate their original prices plus the additional fees versus other networks with original prices with the fees, you can see the difference.

We had a hard time deciding which of this versus Sprint was the cheapest but we have to just give it up to T-Mobile for the inclusion of additional fees without being sore eyes.

Are there overages in T-Mobile?

It’s good to say that T-Mobile does not have any overages at all.

Anytime a network company has no overages, it just feels like a godsend. No payment after usage, no throttling. Just no fooling around at all.

It IS 50GB of data, though.

Are there discounts with the plans besides the AutoPay?

T-Mobile offers excellent discounts with the T-Mobile One Military plan and the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan.

Unlike other networks, T-Mobile gives back to the elderly and to the men and women who have fought for their country.

As for other types of customers, all plans are fixed.

Do critics and experienced users like T-Mobile?

T-Mobile ratings have always been consistently high especially when it comes to their ONE and ONE Plus plans. Some have pointed out that it’s the second best network after Verizon while some say it’s the best among the four.

Whichever side you’re on, there’s no denying that there are lots of people who are very happy with the T-Mobile service.

Can I extend my lines to more than 5?

Yes you can. In fact, you can extend up to 12 lines.

You may have noticed that we’ve only discussed up to 5 lines in each plan but what you haven’t seen in T-Mobile is that you can extend up to a dozen lines in your household.

You’ll have to ask a representative about this as they don’t display their prices from the 6th line and up.

Are the other plans as worth it as the ONE Unlimited plans?

Honestly, they’re somewhat good but not enough to become a to-die-for plan.

The prepaid plan, the ONE Prepaid just feels so much like a poor man’s version of the excellent Unlimited ONE, you’d think it’s overpriced. The Simply Prepaid, however, is just right in our books.

The other plan, Essentials (pretty much their family plan), may look nice on the outside with $30/line for 4 lines with autopay but they didn’t include the taxes and fees yet. At least they’re honest about the exclusion, though.


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