Top 7 Best Cell Phone Plans You Need Right Now (UPDATED 2019)

It can be daunting to know that there are over hundreds of cell phone plans out there,

waiting for your decision for your phone as well as what you really desire.

Yes, it’s overwhelming at first but if you follow our guide full of recommended plans, we can

guarantee you’re going to make the right decision.

We have 7 of the best cell phone plans that we truly recommend for you. They are:

  • Verizon Beyond Unlimited–Best Overall
  • T-Mobile ONE Plus–Best Unlimited Plan
  • Sprint Unlimited Plus–Best for casual phone users and teens
  • MetroPCS Unlimited Family Plan–Best Family Plan
  • MetroPCS Prepaid–Best Prepaid Plan
  • Republic Wireless–Affordable and Best for Light Phone Users
  • Tracfone–Best for Kids

Based on various reviews and the overall offers of these plans, you won’t find any better deals than the ones on the list.

These are based on the pricing, signal coverage, limited/unlimited data, coverage as well as the added bonuses that will make your decision worth every penny.

Which plan you decide will be up to you, especially with your decision. Let these questions be your guide:

  • Do I use my phone religiously?
  • Do I travel a lot?
  • Do I have many contacts either in school or work that I must communicate on a daily basis?
  • Do I need the plan just for myself?
  • Does my whole family need it?

Take note that these are in no particular order and that they are the best in their own ways.

Tons of Perks as Well as Providing Strong Coverage

High-performance plan is the name of the game with Verizon Beyond Unlimited. The telecom company has always been a powerhouse in America alone and their Unlimited plan proves that they are king when it comes to a reliable and good phone plan.

Know more about Verizon and its potential phone plans just for you by checking out our review.

What We Like

Overall Performance

We have to hit you off with the #1 choice for us here. Why?

Because everything you need in a phone plan is right here for the right price: High-speed internet data, large 4G LTE data, strong coverage anywhere in the US even in the smallest countryside while in a musty cabin.

Superior 4G LTE data

Cheaper unlimited data means slower internet speeds. But not for Verizon Beyond Unlimited. It’s both unlimited AND fast.

Every month, a subscriber is provided with 22GB of unthrottled data. This means you can do some heavy browsing such as binge-watching on YouTube to watch the latest Meme Review by Pewdiepie or watching Tyler1 going haywire live on Twitch.

15GB of hotspot data is also provided in case you’ve accumulated all of that 22GB. This is a great spare chunk of internet data especially when you’re in an important meeting via mobile or you’re playing a ranked match in a competitive game like Vainglory.

Stream in HD

Other more affordable plans will still allow for video streaming but it can only do so much up to 480p.

But if you’re a pixel-savvy viewer who just can’t take it watching any show in just SD, Verizon Beyond Unlimited can provide you with 720p HD quality streaming. That is, of course, if you’re willing to pay $10 each month for the HD feature.

What We Don’t Like

Very Expensive versus other plans

Yes, the Beyond Unlimited is great and all, vouching for the plan name to literally bring service that goes beyond unlimited, however, it’s very pricey.

Not really a good choice if you’re looking to save money, honestly. This one is for the subscribers willing to spend for a fully-fledged and feature heavy mobile plan.

Additional Data for Higher Data Cap

There is honestly a more expensive plan that the Beyond Unlimited and that is the Above Unlimited plan–75GB of unthrottled data which is enough for the mobile couch potatoes.

The price gap is also very high so if you can’t handle just 22GB + 15GB of data, it’s either you suck it up or subscribe to their latter plan.

If you think Beyond Unlimited is expensive, wait till you go for Above Unlimited. Plus you still have to pay an extra $10 per month to be able to watch in 720p HD quality.

Alternative Picks

T-Mobile is still one of the leading telecoms in America alone, boasting a good range of plans that are worth the money. But if there’s one that really stands out the most, it’s their ONE Plus plan.

And with that plan comes with plenty of added bonuses.

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What We Like

Layers of Fantastic Perks

Among every plan in this list, this has to have the most freebies for the subscriber. What are we talking about? Here they are:

  • 1080p HD Streaming
  • Extra 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • Gogo-enabled flights that allow unlimited texting and limitless Wi-Fi
  • Add an optional ONE Plus International plan for an additional cost that’s affordable

High-Level Cap for Its Price

50GB unthrottled data is provided for the subscribers from the get-go. For its price, it’s way worth it since other companies would cost more for 50GB.

It may not be like Verizon’s Above Unlimited with 75GB but this is still a sure winner for anyone looking for a more high-end phone plan.


Yes, T-Mobile has the taxes and fees included already within the plan which makes this even a worthier competing plan versus other more expensive phone plans.

No need to worry about the IRS knocking on your door just to pay for this one at all.

What We Don’t Like

Bad Coverage in Areas Outside the City

Contrary to what we said about T-Mobile being a powerhouse, if you don’t live in the city and in the woods somewhere or maybe the countryside, chances are you’re going to have some bad signals.

But anything else than that, this package packs a punch.

Alternative Picks

Casual phone users will love the well-balanced offer of Sprint Unlimited Plus. If you are one, you should also look up to this as it offers many of your entertainment needs with a good price that features good perks, especially for streaming services.

Also, if your teenager is into using the phone religiously, then the Sprint Unlimited Plus is a priority choice above all else. Its unlimited data plan is reasonable for parents whose teenage kids are into social media and gaming a lot.

Know more about Sprint and its potential phone plans just for you by checking out our review.

What We Like

Good Deals on Extra Lines

Besides the reasonable price, a subscriber may choose to increase to add more lines. The best part here is that each extra line doesn’t cost a lot at all.

This is a pretty sweet deal as it offers unli data for a price that is still cheaper than most high-end phone plans.

Quality Entertainment and Communication Extras

The unlimited data is great for the casual phone users as it has a decent 10GB of unlimited text and calls plus 15GB LTE for mobile hotspot. Great for whenever you need to finish a quick homework or browse for research while on the go.

Perhaps the most stand-out feature for streaming here is the allowance for 1080p HD quality which is just a blessing for such a price. You even get a Hulu + TIDAL bundle along too.

You even get streaming gaming up to 8 Mbps and streaming music for 1.5 Mbps. As for another usage, it’s all high-speed. It’s totally not a bad deal at all.

A No-Worries Plan for Parents

Overages are one of the modern parents’ worst nightmares due to their kids going above and beyond the limited data just to watch a Netflix show like Insatiable or Riverdale, or seeing Ninja get his 5000th win on Fortnite on Twitch. Fortunately, there are no overages in this plan.

What We Don’t Like

The Fixed Speed For Streaming

While we have said that the price is good for its offers, some users may find 8 Mbps for streaming gaming and 1.5 Mbps for streaming music a bit too slow.

But if you can bear all that, then everything else in here is good to go.

Some Slowdowns

For whatever reason, Sprint still has the issue of hiccups when it comes to consistency. While it’s good to have 1080p worth of streaming, you’d sometimes encounter buffering moments.

But fortunately, that doesn’t happen far too often.

Still Not an Affordable Price for Some

Contrary to the reasonable price we mentioned earlier, some may feel overwhelmed by the steep price as it increases per line but as long as it’s just at a maximum of 2 people in your household needing this, the price is good enough.

Alternative Picks

MetroPCS has always been known for good discounts that make their offers all the more worth it. We’ve chosen their Unlimited Family Plan as it’s a great all-around plan minus a whopping price.

This is one of the cheapest cell phone plans in our list.

What We Like

Great Value for a Low Price

Budget is what MetroPCS is best while still offering good quality services from signal coverage to 4G LTE data. If you’re lucky enough, you may catch MetroPCS promotion on a family plan discount like this that offers even lower than their standard price.

Beautiful Network Coverage

Thanks to its parent network, T-Mobile, you don’t need to worry about the signal strength at all.

That also means internet speed is also consistent without having to worry about any sort of slowdowns at all.

Fantastic Four

The most amazing thing about the Unlimited family plan is that it offers a very affordable price that is good for 4 lines. It’s a bargain deal for parents.

That’s one for daddy, one for mommy and two for the kids. Each is given equal internet speeds with no limits at all. Totally worth every penny.

Call and Text All You Want

No quotas at all when it comes to this offer. Keep the conversations going with the unlimited data for a low price every month.

What We Don’t Like

Only Up to 4 Lines

Sadly, if you’re a larger family than 4, this is just not the plan for you. There’s no way you can pay for an additional line at all so you better look elsewhere.

No HD Streaming

With such a low price comes at a cost too. You can only stream up to 480p–which is alright for those not demanding for crisp display at all.

But you get what you pay. If you’re looking for 720 to 1080p streaming, consider the other offers from different telecoms.

Alternative Picks

Along this list is another one by MetroPCS again. If you’re just not into paying for monthly or you barely use your phone at all, then the prepaid plan works well for you.

When it comes to the most valuable and the best-priced prepaid plan, MetroPCS is the leading brand to provide such. It has great perks for the money as well.

What We Like

No Monthly Pressure At All

Since this is a prepaid plan, you don’t have to pay for anything on a monthly basis if you’re not planning on going unlimited data.

For some individuals and even families, this is more than enough and quite affordable especially for occasional phone users who don’t spend much of their time texting or browsing the internet.

If you’re in a financial pickle, this is the right choice.

The Right Plan for the Right Person

With the starter, you get 2 hours worth of 480p video streaming, 100 hours of music streaming and 100 hours of social media. Not bad at all.

Experienced customers highly recommend getting the Level 2 plan–5GB worth of 4G LTE data, up to 8 hours of video streaming and 300 hours for social media and music streaming. Quite an upgrade to the starter kit.

Upgradable Anytime You Want

For just an additional $10, subscribers can upgrade to an unlimited LTE data and another $10 for a mobile hotspot too.

Phone Offers

What’s great about MetroPCS Prepaid is that if you don’t have a phone yet, they can hook you up with the latest iPhone or Samsung. Just expect to pay the device for a full price.

What We Don’t Like

Data Limitations

The most obvious dropback for not paying on a monthly basis is the data limit. Once you hit 2GB on the starter plan or 5GB from the next plan after the starter, your means of using mobile surfing is kaput.

Not Enough Perks

Another downside of having prepaid is you don’t get enough bonuses from it other than being affordable. If you can’t withstand non-HD streaming and need to constantly contact with everyone in your phone, prepaid isn’t for you at all.

Alternative Picks

If you’re the type of cell phone user that just uses the mobile device for calling and texting and just some minor internet browsing, then we’ve got the right plan for you.

This is also best for the phone users looking to switch to a cheaper plan from their previous carrier and ignoring all the lack of benefits compared to high-priced plans.

Not to mention this one of the best cell phone plans for one person.

Republic Wireless isn’t quite in the mainstream department however their cheap monthly plan is fairly adequate for those who don’t use the phone much other than SMS and MMS.

What We Like

Pay for Less

Unlike Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, Republic Wireless offers a more convenient option for the users not minding having no long streaming sessions on mobile nor have any mobile hotspot.

For a low price on a monthly basis, you pay for unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB worth of 4G LTE data.

Cheap Upgrade

If the default 1GB isn’t enough for a month, you can always pay $5 more per GB. 2GB is enough for 2 hours worth of video streaming and a hundred hours each for music streaming and browsing through social media.

Signal Optimization

Republic rides on whichever signal is covering more for your phone. You have two options wherein Republic automatically connects you: Sprint or T-Mobile.

What We Don’t Like

Nothing Much Else

While you can upgrade your 4G LTE Data anytime, you can’t level up your plan to anything else. No unlimited data, no packages, no HD streaming, no international services.

No Phone Offers

If you’re buying a brand new phone, this isn’t the right plan for you as this only applies to anyone with a phone already.

Those who have a phone already can subscribe to this plan anytime.

Alternative Picks

A lot of parents don’t know this but there is actually a plan that is very suitable for kids; one that is sufficient enough to feed the phone amusement for a month.

The Tracfone Starter Smartphone Plan is the most ideal plan for kids as this is quite affordable for its price that has enough data for a kid to call his family and friends.

If you haven’t heard of Tracfone, it’s a family-friendly telecom that provides plans with great prices for kids and teenagers. It’s a great choice for parents who prefer an individual plan for their child.

What We Like

Unlimited Carryover

Any unused texts, calls or internet data does not expire at all. Use it in your own time without the service slowly making you pay up passively while you’re unaware.

Great Starter for Children

200 minutes worth of calls, 500 free texts and 500MB of data are good enough to make a child phone user happy.

Strong Signal Coverage

What’s remarkable about Tracfone is that it doesn’t favor any area at all. Whether you’re in downtown or somewhere more rural, signal coverage is always at an all-time high.

What We Don’t Like

No Further Upgrades

Once you’re in this plan, the only upgrades you’ll get are the add-ons of additional texts or GB for mobile data. Nothing else is added here.

Not Ideal for Internet Browsing

While there is 500MB of mobile data in this plan, it’s not enough for long periods of internet browsing at all.

Alternative Picks


Let’s round up everything that makes up the best of the best in this list once again:

  1. Verizon Beyond Unlimited will catch anyone’s eyes for being the most-balanced plan with a reasonable price and the perks it comes with it such as 22GB of unthrottled data and HD streaming. You’re also paying for Verizon’s stellar network.
  2. T-Mobile ONE Plus is our best-unlimited plan here with its great offers of perks like they’re heaven-sent: 1080p seamless HD streaming, 50GB unthrottled data, and unlimited texting and surfing while traveling in a Gogo-enabled flight.
  3. Sprint Unlimited Plus is great for the casual phone users whose main focus on the cell phone plan is for entertainment-savvy subscribers. With unlimited mobile data, 10GB unlimited texting, 15GB hotspot data, and a good 8 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps for gaming and music streaming respectively, this is a sure deal. An ideal plan for teenagers too.
  4. MetroPCS Unlimited Family Plan is your best plan if you’re a family of 4. With a good price that’s enough for mom, dad and the kids along with an ample amount of data for mobile surfing and text plus calls.
  5. MetroPCS Prepaid is highly regarded for its kind price without any fuss in providing a good amount of free text and calls and ample amount of internet browsing plus streaming, this is a sure win for anyone not wanting to pay on a monthly basis.
  6. Republic Wireless is the best choice for those who barely use the phone and a particularly good choice for just one person. With a decent 1G 4G LTE data and unlimited texts plus calls, it’s a cheap plan with high value.
  7. Tracfone Starter Smartphone Plan is most especially the best for children as it has a decent amount of calls and texts for mommy and daddy as well as for the siblings too. Besides, children don’t need a hefty amount of SMS/MMS plus mobile data. Parents will definitely keep an eye on this plan.

Other Carriers We Did Not Mention:

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