Top 5 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for You to Have

Top 5 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for You to Have

There are over 30 renowned prepaid phone carriers out there, each with at least 2 to 6 plans which makes a total of around 180 individual plans.

Picking one that’s best for you and your family at this rate is going to be overwhelming, but we at are going to help you get the most righteous.

We’ve simplified the number of plans and put it to just 5. Here they are – the Top 5 best prepaid cell phone plans.

Take note that all of these are no contract cell phone plans:

  • Simple Mobile – Best in Overall Prepaid Plans
  • Metro by T-Mobile – Best in Unlimited Prepaid
  • Freedompop – Best for Low Budgets and Low Phone Usage
  • Sprint Forward – Best Family Plan
  • Tracfone – Best for Children

What you want in the end is all up to you but these are guaranteed to be the best of the bunch. We’ve graded them based on the network consistency, overall coverage, value for your money, and additional perks.

You might want to check out our reviews for Simple Mobile, Freedompop, and Sprint while you’re at it.

Enough chit-chat; let’s get it on starting with the simplest one of all: Simple Mobile

1. Simple Mobile - Best in Overall Prepaid Plans

Simple Mobile is simply the best in whichever plan you pick (except Truly Unlimited) as the phone carrier has lots of value for their prices and network consistency is overall very good.

There’s really not much to say about Simple Mobile’s plans except that their brand name really vouches for how simple it is to understand how it works in their system.

What We Like

Plans are Very Easy to Understand

The name of their company is a dead giveaway and it shows in their plans.

You get either 1, 2 or 6 GB of data every month that you can use for calls, texts and internet surfing while Truly Unlimited speaks for itself.

They may only be a few but just like Freedompop’s budget-friendly plans, these plans are good enough for people who don’t want to spend a lot on phone bills alone.

Verizon users have an average spending of $148 every month from 2014 to 2017 due to the high costs of their plans plus perks with the exclusion of taxes.

If you see those numbers as sore eyes and want something significantly cheaper, Simple Mobile is one of the right places to be in.As the name of the phone carrier suggests,there are no other perks to see here. What you’re getting are just the essentials to get you right on it.

This makes Simple Mobile both great for newcomers into the world of cell phone technology or to people who barely even communicate with others through the phone.

Yes, they really are cost-efficient, but mind you that each plan price excludes taxes. Bummer, right? But at least it still shows up in the bill to be cheaper than any leading phone carrier to date.

What we do like, however, is how consistent the network quality is. If you’re in an area in the country where coverage is strong, expect quality as good as Verizon.

Plans start at $25 per month with the 1 GB plan but here are some highlights for each of their limited prepaid:

  • 1 GB – It’s very cheap and good for that one person who just doesn’t like talking and texting with other people and will only use it when needed. $25 a month.
  • 2 GB – This is more tailored for casual phone users who would regularly use the phone for calling, texting, and some days of internet browsing on the go. A heavy favorite of parents for their teenagers. $30 per month.
  • 6 GB – more in favor of heavy phone usage that combines all elements of calling, texting, and internet surfing. It’s good for when you have a large circle of friends or if you’re in a small business. $40 every month.

We do recommend getting either the 2 GB or 6 GB plan depending on your usage and frequency but if you’re tight on budget and doesn’t fancy those big perks from the likes of Verizon and AT&T, this should be a good cake to have.

Discounts for Subscribing for the Auto Re-Up

“Auto Re-what,” you ask? It’s Simple Mobile’s way of auto reloading your data without having to pay for additional.

If you have auto re-up activated, you’ll be able to receive your data on a monthly basis in just a snap.

And the best part? You’ll receive a discount too depending on which plan you want to avail!

Here are the plans and their auto re-up discounts:

  • 1 GB Plan: $5 off
  • 2 GB Plan: $2 off
  • 6 GB Plan: $3 off
  • Truly Unlimited: $5 off
  • Truly Unlimited 2.0: $3 off

Kind Customer Service, Free of Charge

We want to give credit to their always-positive way of communicating with the customer. It’s hard to maintain such brightness especially if the customer is in deep crap.

Staffs in the physical stores are also quite nice according to experienced users. They help break down the nitty gritty for the customers who still seem confused by their already-simple plans.

The best part about their customer service, however, is free service. If you have a dilemma with their network, they’ll fix it up for you right away without any payment at all.

Set-up for the hotspot is easy too. If you can’t seem to do it yourself, you can always ask for an on-site technician to do it for you and they’ll do it with a smile.

Has Remarkably Better Phone Selections than Other Prepaid Phone Carriers

Honestly, we were surprised to find out that Simple Mobile offers some of the latest phone models from big name companies as well as more niche ones except Google Pixel is out of the picture like T-Mobile.

They don’t  ALL of the latest ones but the most demanded phones are still there such as the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9+. Here’s what they have:

  • Apple: iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7. 7 Plus, SE, 6s, 6s Plus
  • Samsung: Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, J3 Luna Pro, J7 Sky Pro
  • LG: X Style, Rebel 3 LTE, Rebel 2, Fiesta LTE, Grace LTE, Stylo 3
  • Huawei: Sensa LTE and Magna
  • ZTE: Midnight Pro LTE, ZFive L LTE, ZFive C LTE

No refurbished models in sight here; they’re all brand-new which is very impressive especially knowing that they are a smaller profile prepaid company.

What We Don’t Like

Excluded Taxes

While the bill may not be too big like Verizon, excluded taxes are still excluded taxes and nobody likes those. But hey, at least they have no other hidden fees lurking around so there’s that.

Truly Unlimited Plan Can Be Weird

There’s a reason why Metro has the best unlimited plan in this article and not Simple Mobile is that of the latter’s odd quality.

While it’s still good in general, it tends to be inconsistent and while the reps at Simple Mobile do say that there are no throttling speeds in here, it still happens even in a strong coverage area. What?

Patchy Phone Coverage

This is where things get a bit off for Simple Mobile. The coverage is backed up by T-Mobile but for some reason, it doesn’t have the same coverage as the giant brand.

In fact, Simple Mobile has one of the weakest coverage as a phone carrier, especially in the central and rural parts of America.

If you live in the metro areas, okay you’re covered as any other major brand but if you’re from Central or any part of the state that isn’t in the downtown areas, Simple Mobile won’t cut it for you.

On a side note, it is also not available in Canada and Mexico. Ay Dios Mio.

Best Alternative Choices

2. Metro by T-Mobile - Best in Unlimited Prepaid

Metro has always been good since the early 2000s when it was still Metro PCS.

Ever since it has turned into Metro by T-Mobile last September 2019, the plans have also been simplified just like T-Mobile.

With the same strong coverage as T-Mobile (or even better since Metro has stronger coverage in rural areas) but with plan offers that are beautiful to look at and are friendly to your wallet, it’s really hard not to resist their offers especially their Unlimited Prepaid Plans.

Metro has a total of 4 plans: a 2 GB plan, a 10 GB plan and 2 unlimited plans – the last two are what we will discuss in this article right now.

What We Like

Unlimited Plans Have Become Much Better Since the Rebranding in Sept 2019

  • 1st Unlimited Plan: Has mobile hotspot with 5 GB unthrottled data, Google One with 100 GB storage data, unlimited calls, texts, and web browsing.
  • 2nd Unlimited Plan: Has mobile hotspot with 15 GB unthrottled data, Google One with 100 GB storage data, access to Amazon Prime, unlimited calls, texts, and web browsing.

The first unlimited plan costs $50 a month.

It finally includes a hotspot data of 5 GB which is enough for 1 to 3 people to hog over. Also included is the Google One with 100 GB of storage data. Enjoy everything unlimited from calls, texts, and web browsing.

The mobile hotspot data used to be only included in the second unlimited plan which is $60 but ever since they revamped from Metro PCS, we’re pretty glad to have at least 5 GB of mobile hotspot data in this plan.

Google One is a plus too since you’ll get 100 GB of storage – enough to store more than 5 years of photos and videos without having to stack up on precious memory data on your phone.

We have zero complaints about this plan and for us, this is the most recommended prepaid plan in the bunch.

The second unlimited plan is at $60.

You’re getting a plethora of great perks to have that makes this all the more exciting if you have the budget – 15 GB of mobile hotspot data, 100 GB worth of Google One storage and access to Amazon Prime.

It still has that good combo of unlimited calls, texts and surfing but the main dish here is the inclusion of Amazon Prime. If you’re a big shopper or if you want to support your favorite Twitch streamer, you’ll definitely want to have this $60 plan.

Free Phones and Devices for New Subscribers

When it comes to prepaid phone plans comparison, Metro takes the cake.

It’s a given that Metro has the latest phone models but if you can’t afford those, they offer free phones for when you avail any of their plans. These are the following phones at 0 cost:

  • LG K20 Plus
  • LG Aristo 2 Black
  • LG Aristo 2
  • LG Aristo
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Silver
  • Apple iPhone SE 32 GB Space Gray
  • Alcatel A30 FIERCE
  • Alcatel GO FLIP
  • Coolpad Defiant

You can even get a MetroSMART Ride device too for free – it’s a device used as a mobile hotspot while in the car; perfect for those road trips with friends or family.

Has the Same Coverage as T-Mobile and More

Coverage is what makes Metro good since it’s good despite being in a metro area or a rural area. Overall, Metro has the best coverage for any prepaid phone carrier.

If you want to know more about it, check out our review of the Top 5 Best Phone Coverages.

What We Don’t Like

Random Throttling

Okay so Metro does have the same strong coverage as T-Mobile and we like that. What we don’t like, however, is the random throttling that happens every now and then.

It’s not even in HD at all and even if you’re watching at 240p or a maximum of 144p, you’d still throttle. It’s honestly one of the slowest throttles for a prepaid.

No HD Streaming

One thing you have to know about each plan is that none of them can offer HD streaming which is a bummer for picky viewers but something of a minor bump for the casual watchers.

But still though, even at $60 for their biggest unlimited plan, you’d think you can watch the latest Sabrina on Netflix at HD but nope. You’re still going to suck it at 480p.

Alternative Picks

3. Freedompop - Best for Low Budgets and Low Phone Usage

If you’re looking to purchase a prepaid cell phone plan that is suited for the person who barely uses the phone for talking, texting and internet surfing, Freedompop is one of the best choices available.

What separates Freedompop from the likes of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint is that it’s more suited for people who don’t focus much on using the phone. It’s great if you’re the introvert type who only converses with a few friends and a close family.

Because who needs so many perks in exchange for dollah-dollah bills if you’re not going to utilize all of it? Surely, someone like you must be finding for something very lite.

And so, Freedompop is there to exist just for you.

With little to no payment needed in order to enjoy what they have to offer for budget-minded individuals as well as having good coverage along the country, Freedompop is definitely a good choice for the person who doesn’t communicate much over on the phone.

In addition to that, Freedompop subscribers won’t even have to spend a single dime every month just to use the services. Just be very mindful that the calls and texts are very limited and will only reset on the following month.

What We Like


That is, of course, only to some degree. If you can only accumulate just 200 to 500 MB every month on calls, texts and internet browsing combined, then your plan is free and this should be very ideal for you.

However, if you do happen to step out of bounds beyond 500MB, you’ll have to subscribe to their prepaid plans – but don’t worry because they’re still twice cheaper than something like Verizon.

But come on! Free is always good!

So how is it free? By the use of VoIP of course.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the same system used by renowned programs that allow for free conversations with other people over the internet – programs such as Skype, Discord, Whatsapp, and Viber are the biggest examples, as long as the personyou’re conversing with is using the same program.

This is how Freedompop manages to make it free – if you’re texting or calling someone who is also a Freedompop subscriber, there will be no costs in texts and calls which means you can converse with them as much as you like.

Ideal for Those Who Barely Use the Phone to Talk

If you aren’t a people person, this should be a blessing to you. You’ll be saving as much as $148 a month – no need to pay for bills whatsoever.

It is good for people who don’t want the gimmicks of fancy perks and crowd-pleasing bundles.

No Data Accumulation for Talking to a Fellow Freedompop User

If you’re texting or calling someone who is also a Freedompop subscriber, there will be no costs in texts and calls which means you can converse with them as much as you like.

This also makes it ideal for close families too who don’t want phone bills to be part of their monthly utility payment. It’s THAT cost-efficient.

What We Don’t Like

Old and Refurbished Phones

If you’re very committed to Freedompop and you don’t happen to have phone beforehand, sure, you can take a look at their collection. Just be mindful that they do not have the latest phones in the store.

What they do have are refurbished devices – there’s nothing wrong with refurbished ones, to be honest. But if you’re the type that wants the latest Samsung Galaxy Note or this year’s iPhone you won’t find it here, unfortunately.

Mediocre Customer Service

It’s not as bad as what you’d expect but we thought that the hotline personnel would be more transparent to their customers. On the other side, when it comes to time and fast response rate, they’re good at it.

By transparency, we mean being honest about telling us that not everything in Freedompop is totally free such as calling and texting to a person who doesn’t use the same phone carrier.

We’d also like to add that one representative even told us that they sell the latest phones in the market but in reality, they’re only selling refurbished ones from 2 to 3 year old phones. What gives?

Emailing them is also a hassle since they will only reply to you at least 24 hours later. No really, we counted down and it did turn out to be a day after. Also you’ll be speaking to a bot – which is something we don’t like because want to talk to someone organically about our problems.

Alternative Picks

4. Sprint Forward - Best Family Plan

While Sprint may not be a prepaid phone carrier per se, this article IS about prepaid PLANS, right? And so we chose Sprint Forward as one of the best in prepaid family plans.

Here’s why:

What We Like

Sprint’s Good Reputation Retains in Their Prepaid Plan

What makes Sprint better than the rest in the big companies are the prices. People love Sprint prices as they are much more affordable and its customer service, while it’s not perfect, is the best among them.

People don’t choose Sprint for no reasons: With cheaper plans compared to the likes of Verizon and T-Mobile along with a good bundle of perks per prepaid plan, it’s a good choice when you have a group at home.

Sprint Forward is a Better Prepaid Plan than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile (not to be confused with Metro) all have their own prepaid plans but it feels like buying a rip-off from their main dishes and that’s not fine with us because as just prepaid plans, those are too expensive.

Sprint Forward, while it may start at $40 a month, is still a cheaper and convenient prepaid plan to choose over theirs; great for a family plan for the additional lines and it’s tax inclusive.

4th and 5th Lines are Free

This is what makes Sprint Forward such a good family plan. While it may not be the cheapest, it certainly has the strongest coverage and network consistency above other prepaid phone carriers.

Additional lines only cost as low as $30 a month (may be subject to change).

A Couple of Good Prepaid Choices

$40 a month for prepaid is still better than its competition in the Big Four. Sure it may look a bit too high and more than MetroPCS but we honestly recommend it more than the likes of T-Mobile ONE prepaid.

Their prepaid is more of a miscellaneous idea and is only good if you’re in an area that’s covered by them. There are two plans: the 4GB and the Unlimited.

For $40 per month and you get nothing much out of it except 4GB of data which also includes calls and texts.

It sounds pretty decent but you can get a much better bargain for a price especially with the likes of MetroPCS.

As for the unlimited prepaid, it speaks for itself.

Yes, you may opt to add more lines in starting at $30 for the second line in the 4GB plan and $40 per line for the unlimited plan. Not as good as Metro but still better than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile combined.

Offers the Same Latest Phone Lineups As Sprint’s Postpaid Plans

Sprint is no stranger when it comes to selling the best and latest phones in the market today. Combined with adequate plans that are suitable for the phones as well as having the option to pay monthly or annually, becoming a Sprint user is very simple.

You can find all the latest tech in Sprint except for one lineup: the Google Pixel. Sprint doesn’t sell nor support the device so if you want a Google Pixel, head over to Verizon or T-Mobile instead.

What We Don’t Like

Random Throttling

Just like Freedompop, Sprint also suffers from random throttling that occurs anytime.

For a big company, you’d think Sprint would have already sorted this out but these are one of the reasons why they’re still trailing behind T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon in terms of overall quality.

Still More Expensive Versus Other Prepaid Plans

What you’re paying in exchange here is Sprint’s overall strong coverage. You won’t find any better coverage in this article (besides Metro) than Sprint.

But if you’re the cost-cut type, you might just feel turned off from looking at their prices especially for their additional lines despite being free for the 4th and 5th lines.

Alternative Picks

5. Tracfone - Best for Children

A lot of parents don’t know this but there is actually a plan that is very suitable for kids; one that is sufficient enough to feed the phone amusement for a month.

The Tracfone Starter Smartphone Plan is the most ideal plan for kids as this is quite affordable for its price that has enough data for a kid to call his family and friends.

If you haven’t heard of Tracfone, it’s a family-friendly telecom that provides plans with great prices for kids and teenagers. It’s a great choice for parents who prefer an individual plan for their child.

What We Like

Unlimited Carryover

Any unused texts, calls or internet data does not expire at all. Use it in your own time without the service slowly making you pay up passively while you’re unaware.

Great Starter for Children

200 minutes worth of calls, 500 free texts and 500MB of data are good enough to make a child phone user happy.

Strong Signal Coverage

What’s remarkable about Tracfone is that it doesn’t favor any area at all. Whether you’re in downtown or somewhere more rural, signal coverage is always at an all-time high.

What We Don’t Like

No Further Upgrades

Once you’re in this plan, the only upgrades you’ll get are the add-ons of additional texts or GB for mobile data. Nothing else is added here.

Not Ideal for Internet Browsing

While there is 500MB of mobile data in this plan, it’s not enough for long periods of internet browsing at all.

Alternative Picks


5 great prepaid plans for very low prices. That’s something everyone will like – consistent connectivity, great network and lots of value for their money.

Prepaid plans are also known as pay as you go phone plans that will allow you to pay beforehand prior to the next month. It has lesser perks and premiums than postpaid and it’s most favored by not-so-addicted phone users.

Before we end this article, let’s take a look back and summarize each prepaid plan.

What you’ll pick is all right up to your preference.

  1. Simple Mobile has the best of everything at low prices from limited prepaid data plans to its unlimited data plans.
  2. Metro by T-Mobile has vastly improved its unlimited data by including a large Google One cloud storage, mobile hotspot data, and access to Amazon Prime
  3. Freedompop has little to no payment at all thanks to its VoIP support and no data usage when talking to fellow Freedompop users.
  4. Sprint Forward may not be the cheapest in the bunch but it still retains its good network quality and national coverage in which Sprint has always been known for.
  5. Tracfone is best for children as it has a decent amount of calls and texts for mommy and daddy as well as for the siblings too since they don’t have to use too much data.
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